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Thoughtbubble recommends..... Part 1.

This is a piece that in part ran on the mailer last week. I thought it was worth reposting here as we are getting close to the comics event of the year.

Part 2 soon.


Morning Bastards.

All eyes are now on Thoughtbubble. My inbox has been building up with review/preview and promotion requests in the last week or so and this is only going to get more frenetic.

Seems like there are a lot of people releasing new books at this event.

Don’t forget that I’ll be there with the Nobrow and Flying Eye crowd. This will coincide with the release of the Hilda The Animated Series on Netflix. We will have a limited number of these books but if you want one and feel like you might not get to the table in time feel free to preorder through me for collection.

Drop me a note on Twitter @Ezohyez or at and you wont miss out.

We’ll also have all the other great books from there catalogue and some great deals to be done.

Obviously the mighty Nick Prolix has a table that you should also visit ( "In the Comixology Marquee and sharing with Russell Mark Olson" - ed.)  They are both sure to be taking commissions so grab one while they are hot!

So... what else is coming out that has caught my eye?

I’ve just seen an advance copy of this beautiful book. Other than it being a collection of some of the best art you’ll see its also a collection of stories with a lot of heart and done by a group of friends. The fun that the Wine & Zine Collective have had making this book shines out from the pages.

You can find this talented group at table AFM 57-58. If you cant make it to Thoughtbubble then head over to and buy something from their shop. You can also follow them on Twitter @wineandzine

What else.

You must have seen me this week getting very excited about this comic that I got sent to preview. You can read my opinion here

I also just got a gorgeous A4 full sized anthology from Martin that I ordered straightaway after reading The Needleman. It came with some great prints. Both titles are highly recommended.

You can find out more about this creator at and follow him on Twitter @SIMO_paints

What about the Mighty Harrower?!

I love this guys crazy visual eye! 

He draws like no one else and does so with huge enthusiasm and originality. He’ll have comics, prints and sketchbooks at his table. Find out more about this artist at and follow him on Twitter @hp_matt

It’s going to be great to finally catch up with Europe Comics. They are sharing a table with Cinebooks. Both companies produce some breathtaking books. Have a look as there is bound to be something that you’ll like. If you like original sci-fi may I suggest anything by Leo. His work never fails to hypnotise me with it’s strange beauty.

They will be in the Mercy Marquee at tables 60-62. It’s my experience of years gone by that they tend to have a sale on that is well worth taking advantage of whilst you are at the convention.

You know I am a convert! Be one too. 

You can find Europe Comics at or follow them on Twitter @EuropeComics

Cinebook can be found at and look them up on Twitter @CinebookLtd

Watch out for Avery Hill. They have for some of their best ever books launching at this festival.

Of them all I would have to plump for Katriona Chapman’s book Follow Me In. A book that sensitively, intelligently and beautifully accounts a journey that Kat and her now ex boyfriend took through Mexico. It is exceptional and at 248 pages is a steal at £18.99.

(Further to the above I have just read Retrograde Orbit by Kristyna Baczynski. A sci-fi story that follows the life of a refugee girl and her mum on an alien planet. The girl grows up and we learn about her as she discovers a life not so dissimilar to our every day now. A real thing of beauty that had me quite emotional. More on that soon.) 

You can grab a copy by heading to or follow them on Twitter @AveryHillPubl

Find out more about the creator and find some more examples of her comics, art and travels at and follow her on Twitter @katchapman

Find more about Kristyna at 


These fuckers are clever. A thriller is a hard thing to pull off in a comic but Chris Sides (writer), Chris Travell (artist), Ken Reynolds (letters) and Colin Lorimer (cover art) have done so with panache. Imagine what would happen if the stalker becomes the detective. That’s the jumping off point that may welll become much more complicated further on. Wait and see.

CLOSE is launching at Thought Bubble 2018 and will be available to buy via the Comichaus website ( and available to read digitally via the Comichaus app ( I shall be grabbing a physical copy.

At and on Twitter @Sidesy1982

Find more art by Chris Travell (DARK MATTER, WHISPERING SANDS)
 At and on Twitter @travellsky

Edited, lettered & designed by Ken Reynolds (COGNITION, IN TROUBLE, SLICED QUARTERLY) and find him on Twitter @kreynoldsdesign

Cover art by Colin Lorimer

There will be more recommendations next week. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Look out for the next mailer or have a look at for updates.

Many thanks for reading.

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