Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sid James and Soho Red - Together at Last!

From the hand of Ed Traquino a print that's London Disco Good!

To help support the printing of issue two of The Awesome Comics anthology that features Soho Red in Cockney Kung Fu by myself and Nick Prolix we are releasing a limited run of this awesome print!

For those that haven't heard of Mr Traquino he is a Brit creator living in The Bronx in New York. As well as being an amazing comics artist he was also one of the storyboard artists on the recent smash hit Black Panther movie.

A4 - Full Colour print.

If you'd like a copy they are £6 plus post and packing. (How's that for a bargain!)

Drop me an email at 
You can find out about Ed and his excellent art at 

Many thanks for reading.


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  2. I was just looking at the one I got yesterday and thinking, "Is that Sid James?"

    Yes. Yes it fucking is... hahaha, brilliant