Saturday, 20 April 2019

Webcomic Review - ‘G&T’ from Matt Harrower.

Webcomics of the World! 


Created by Matt Harrower.

Find new pages at

The Story - ‘G&T is a cyberpunk eco-warrior saga set across The Tri Planet Star System. G&T will be an episodic style comic about a G, a mech who's lost his memory and T who has a hair trigger of a temper . They will work together to overthrow and defeat the villainous Lord Commander.’ 

The Review - There are few artists out there with the energy and passion that Matt Harrower displays in all of his work and especially in this new webcomic series. I’ve known Matt for a while and even been lucky enough to collaborate on a short Zine together. He never backs down from even the most complicated design challenge and has an instinctive style that once you get into becomes addictive and full of motion and purpose.

This new project is ground zero for Matt, he loves to draw Mech and warriors. I’d also say that he’s particularly adept at showing a warrior woman kicking some heads in. G&T is really amping up to be a webcomic that I seek out as soon as a new page drops.

Matthew Harrower is a freelance illustrator, artist and designer based in London, United Kingdom. Seek him out!

You can find Matt at or follow him on Twitter @hp_matt

Now give me my arm back!

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In Review - ‘Punks Not Dead: London Calling’ issue 1.

Punks Not Dead: London Calling’ issue 1.

Written by David Barnett.

Art by Martin Simmonds.

Flatting by Dee Cunniffe.

Letters by Aditya Bidikar.

Edited by Shelly Bond.

Published by Black Crown Comics and IDW.

The Story - ‘Teenage geek Fergie Ferguson and his BF Sid, the ghost of a punk rocker who only Fergie can see or hear, are on the lam for a murder they didn’t exactly commit. They’ve made it to London but on their tail are the police, the quirky paranormal investigation agency the Department of Extra-Usual Affairs, and some really freaky magpie monsters, so there’s not (much) time for sightseeing. While Fergie tracks down his long-absent father to get answers about his powerful new “abilities” (Sid calls them “psychic grenades”), DfEUA’s old-school mod super spy Dorothy Culpepper and her sensible young partner Asif Baig uncover evidence that links Fergie to the underworld. Fergie’s mum Julie and his not-a-girlfriend Natalie also join forces to save Fergie from life in prison… but with a psychopathic serial killer showing an interest, everybody might soon be running out of time.’

The Review - This is the second mini-series from the Punks Not Dead team and is looking to run for another splendid five issues. This issue both sets up the story and the current situation of Fergie and Sid but goes further to add some character and action. Too many issue ones these days are merely set-up and no pay-off but this thankfully bucks that system.

We interviewed Martin and David on The Awesome Comics podcast last year as well as the editor Shelly Bond and I, as a Londoner, have been waiting for this series to hit the more fashionably entitled softy south of England for a number of months. Almost from the outset you realise that Sid wants to breathe deeply of his old haunts in a London that has significantly changed. He wants to revisit the ‘100 Club’ and the Kings Road. Oh what a shock he’ll get when he discovers much of London is now coffee shops, JD Sports, knife crime, media companies and hipsters! I look forward to that undoubtedly hilarious revelation hitting him in later issues.

There’s a little of the old Soho left however as Fergie almost immediately is propositioned for a ten quid blow job from a passing stranger.

Sid questions this with, ‘Surely a blowjobs worth at least twenty these days?’

The book has a cast of strange bedfellows who exhibit in all their own ways a magical individuality but also a grounded realism. Even Natalie, a possible love interest for Fergie and something of a rebel herself, has her own brief moments of freedom and release as she makes herself over in a 2019 version of her own Punk Rock attitude and leaves her abusive and disgusting father behind. Dorothy and Asif are also becoming quite the investigative partnership as they chase Fergie to London, something else is also bubbling under in a magical plot twist that I fully expect to explode any page now.

Martin’s art is another example of his gritty yet fantastical post-post-post punk recreations. The page has an amphetamine tinged Lysergically augmented trippiness and I really feel that he is experimenting successfully with layouts and double page splashes more than on the previous series. I’d also like to note that with Marvel covers, The Immortal Hulk, Friendo and this he may be the busiest artist on the scene.

The dialogue frazzles with movement and naturalist pushing of the story onwards but never losing that edge of defiant character. Barnett manages this with great style and doesn’t fall into the all-too often current fashion of snark and quip. Fergie is still a kid, Sid is still a prick and Dorothy has a strange sex appeal that may just be only apparent to my fifty year old self (your mileage may differ?)

One small problem would be that this is now a storyline with an ever growing cast and we spend almost too little time with each strand. But as I’m off now to Orbital Comics to pick up issue two I feel that this may not now be a problem. Patience!

Highly recommended.

You can find David Barnett at or on Twitter @davidmbarnett 

You can find Martin Simmonds at or on Twitter @Martin_Simmonds

You can find Dee Cunniffe at or on Twitter @Deezoid

Find Aditya Bidikar or on Twitter @aditab

You can find Black Crown and grab a pint and a game of darts at and @blackcrownhq 

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Friday, 19 April 2019

Having a Clear Out.

Boring isn’t it, being at home on a Friday afternoon?

I’ve been having a clear out this Easter Friday and been looking at some old tapes and singles that have been in the garage for far too long. Here are a couple of the tapes that I used to listen to non-stop in my mid teens.

They were released and distributed in 1985 in the United Kingdom by E.M.I. Records. They seemed to manage DC Comics as well as Marvel which I suppose is a little unheard of these days. They were released under the collection called ‘Super Heroes’. The Superman release is written by Cary Bates. Originally presented in issue 375 of Superman in September 1982. The art is from the originally Gil Kane cover. The issue however had interior art from Curt Swan on pencils and Dan Adkins on inks. The colourist was Anthony Tollin and the lettered was John Costanza. The story title was originally ‘The Stoning of Lana Lang’ which was probably a little too lively for younger audio listeners of the time. (Now they’d probably be off doing internet heroin and paying for it with Bitcoins?)

I found a handy link to the Superman tape audio ‘Superman in Death from a Distant Galaxy’ at

It’s part narrated and part voice actor stuff. It’s also pretty cheesy but enjoyable enough. There is the odd slightly surprising moments that mostly relate to Lana Lang and her Vartox Booty-Call. It’s got some great moments amongst the over enthusiastic voice acting. It doesn’t use the expected Superman The Movie theme but has some electronic nonsense added throughout. Hugh Shewring is credited with Sound Engineer on both cassette tapes. The geographical pin in the map named Carrington Wood gets ‘Directed by’ credits on both releases.

And then - “By Rao I should have known! It’s you Vartox!’

Here’s the cover to the Spider-Man cover that I need to take some time tracking down information on....

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Saturday, 13 April 2019

In Preview - ‘Skip’ from Molly Mendoza.


Created by Molly Mendoza.

Published by Nobrow Press.

165 pages - Full Colour - Hardback 

£16.99 / $22.95

The Story - ‘When Bloom is suddenly flung into another world and meets the exiled and optimistic Gloopy, the two youngsters find in each other a much-needed kindred spirit. But as they skip through dimensions and encounter weeping giants, alligator islands and topsy-turvy 2D worlds, they find that their greatest challenge will be facing their own fears back home.’

The Preview - A scan of the previews so far of this book might lead you to the notion that this is a book dealing with a post apocalyptic world and how one of the characters escapes through a looking glass of psychedelic dimensions. 

It is so much more than that.

I will start by saying that this is no short read. I would recommend that you pace yourself and return to the pages on at least a few occasions. Allow the depth of the images on show throughout the book to sink in and grow through your later considerations. It is a story that bursts off the page with imagination and absolute breath stealing beauty. As I read through this book I took photos and sent them to comic reading friends who were equally blown away.

Don’t be fooled by the cover. This is no mere art experiment, although it does take a bravely experimental approach on almost every page, it is also the study of friendship and jeopardy. A boy alone finds some consolation whilst lost in strange worlds in a creature who it turns out is not too dissimilar from himself. As the story progresses you notice the mirroring between the pair both emotionally and at times completely literally. They travel together through landscapes and environments that are surreally beautiful, transformative, frightening, foreboding, disquieting and so much more. I became transfixed with the intelligent imagination on show here. It plays with your emotions and you worry and cheer and cry and grit your teeth as they throw themselves through dimensional doorways to the next danger.

The book artistically travels from lush water coloured natural inland waterways to twisted and sinister fairy tale kingdoms to blocked out and sterile computer simulated realities. As a story it is never afraid to drag you hither and thither with a cutlass and a sharp set of reptile teeth. We experience the counterpoint and emotional sting of bumping nightmares and fantastical dreams up against each other in ‘Skip’.

‘Gloopy, I feel like we are close to the end.’

The art changes and morphs in front of your eyes as you sit back for the ride. The page is forthrightly attacked by Mendoza and cascades through and over panels, page edges and storylines. It is episodic in nature as the pair travel and this is incredibly well represented at the turn of the page. The art is used as a narrative scythe cutting and pushing the reader onwards. When you think that you have something figured out you are wonderfully bewildered once again. There is a rough freeness to much of the art that never at any point seems over rendered, it makes you soar through the volume like you are strolling through the habitat yourself.

I would also warn you to be prepared for a dense reading experience, there is an awful lot for the eye to take in. Savour the journey of Bloom and Gloopy. I guarantee that you will return. This strange and awkward pair show us that beings from wildly different places can be more alike than anyone expected.

This will be out soon from Nobrow. Check out this great company and all their other books at

You can also follow them on Twitter

Molly Mendoza is an American illustrator and comic artist who graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She has gone on to develop a rich personal art practise, self publishing comics as well as working in the editorial world. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

You can find Molly at her website here or on Instagram here

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Friday, 12 April 2019

Kickstarter Call-Out - ‘Saffron’ from Samuel London and Rosie Alexander.


Written by Samuel George London.

Art and Lettering by Rosie Alexander.

Published by Fair Spark Books.

24 pages - Full Colour.

Currently on Kickstarter

The Story - ‘Whilst on holiday, Saffron Sizemore falls through a wormhole and suddenly appears at the Spacetime Academy For Fundamental Representatives Of NEXUS or completely coincidentally, SAFFRON for short.

Once at SAFFRON the academy, Saffron the girl manages to enlist herself into the academy and as well as training to become a spacetime officer, she tries to find her way back home but no one knows where, or even when Earth is.....’

The Preview - I have had a little look at the script and some of the design work that is going on in this great new project. Intended as part of a new series for young reader this is genuinely a breath of fresh air in the comics world. It’s intelligently written in a way that both younger readers and adults can enjoy. 

Like all good fiction this has real drama and a sense of danger for Saffron and her twin sister Jasmine. The series also has a bundles of fun and non stop adventure. You’ll fall in love with all these characters and get swept along with the story from page one.

Don’t just take my word for it, here are some recommendations from younger readers that Sam and Rosie have shown the book to:

"The colours are great and I love Jazz and Saff. I can’t wait to read about all of Saff’s adventures. I wonder if she will be in trouble with Mum and Dad!" Jemima, 10, Hampshire

"As a lover of science I found the story really captured my imagination, plus the art is awesome!" Mia,13, West Sussex

"The colours and drawings are awesome, and I can't wait to see more" Dexter, 9, London

"Saffron is very cool and I can't wait to see her next adventures in time!" Lara, 9, Worcestershire.

And as well as you receiving your rewards, if you back at a Hospital Gift Copy level (£12) and above you'll be adding a copy of SAFFRON: Spacetime Academy Adventures #1 to the Little Heroes Comics kit, who provide comic making kits to children with long term illnesses in hospital.

Rewards also include colouring books, sticker sets and enamel badges. There are also some top secret stretch goals ready that you are going to love!

So get pledging. Here is that link again

(It also has a super cool editor).

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Monday, 8 April 2019

Cheeky Preview - ‘Shaman Kane issue 4’ from Dave ‘The Machine’ Broughton.

Shaman Kane issue 4.

Created by Dave Broughton.
Copyproofing by Dan Buhlmann.

Full Colour - 24 pages - American Comics size.

The Story so far....

‘Tasked with investigating a series of supernatural murders on his home planet of ‘Gefion’ Kane returns to find that the ghosts of his past have returned to haunt him.

Can Kane overcome... or will history repeat itself?’

The Preview - I’m a lucky reviewer. I always consider myself fortunate when I get to see an early copy of anything. This week was no exception as I got sent a preview copy of Dave Broughton’s sci-fi horror/adventure series Shaman Kane issue 4. The book will be getting a proper launch at the Lawless event on Saturday the 17th of May (here’s the website for this great day convention )

If you haven’t read this series from Dave you are in for a treat. It’s very much in the scary/science fiction mould that you get in comics like 2000 AD and Dave is the hardest working man in the UK small press scene. He consistently puts out books that rattle along at a great pace and are full of twists and turns. I read this without taking my eyes off the screen for even a second. I also mentally made a note at the time of reading about Dave’s use of colour. The widescreen alien vistas are looking really accomplished, Dave steps his game up with each outing, and they give an altogether mysterious vibe (‘Exhibit ‘A’ below Your Honour!’)

The story in issue 4 of Kane is entitled ‘Home World’ and I refuse to spoil what happens but you can look forward to some excellently nasty alien designs and a couple of sequences that reminded me of the sort of flashbacks you get in a Stephen King novel. There is the eerily ever-present air of a Hammer Horror style mystery on this strange world and we as the reader are swept along with Kane and his compatriots. None of the characters ever seem safe and you are kept guessing all the way through.

So head along to Lawless and find Dave at his table. He also always has a great deal on sketches and commissions. If you cant get down to Bristol you can order a physical copy from or email him direct at

Follow him on Twitter @DbroughtonDavid or look at some of his art on Instagram @davebus1966

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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Edinburgh Comic Con Report - Part 2.

Part Two and the brutal honesty continues.

(WTF is that!?)

Back to the comics......

If you want a convention to live and breathe its not the endless Funkos or the Z List celebrities or the cosplayers or the furries ...... it’s the Small Press Comics scene. Artists and writers putting out comics (of a varying standard admittedly) off their own back and mostly on their own coin. Guys like Bob Turner ( ) who consistently puts out beautifully weird comics full of perfectly choreographed grid animations and Alan Henderson ) who puts out collections of three panel gag comics which make possibly the best toilet read you’ll ever find. Both of these creators display an unparalleled love for the medium. I have really warmed to the Scottish scene. Everyone seems in it together and there’s a real sense of grass roots growth that rivals the bigger companies for style, imagination and drive.

(Bex Tough on the left with William Crawford Hazel).

Add to this bunch some people who are new to me as of this particular convention. One of these is William Crawford Hazel who I finally met in person after following him on Twitter recently. His new book ‘Alisa Dark’ out of Terrier Comics follows the titular hero as she defends Glasgow from vampires and werewolves. The first issue came as a full colour and magazine sized start to the series and you can find it here

Next to William was Bex Tough (best name ever) with her premier adults only comic ‘Clean’. Also a first in the series this has an outstanding cover and a dark and dirty interior (in all the good ways). Find out more about this new series at the Facebook page here

There were some great Back Issue traders at the event and it was great to see that there were also a lot of UK Comics Weekly issues for sale. I grabbed as much as my bag would hold including some great prices on some Creepy and Eeries. I also picked up some Gypsy volumes and some tatty US back issues!

It was great to see recent pod guest Joey Oliveira (from Afterlight Comics) and I grabbed a copy of ‘Stay Awake’ issue 1 which he wrote with Adrian Manuel Garcia on art and a superb cover by Robert Geronimo. Head over to and grab some of these properly F’ed up comics (which I mean in all the best ways!)

Horror is really having a renaissance in the Small Press and Indie scene at the moment. I also had a great chat with some more occupants of the Merseyside area. It’s always a pleasure to chat to Tom and Katie from Frisson Comics and I picked this new anthology up from them. ‘Pestilence’ is packed full of experimental horror short tales and always worth a look. Head to for more of the same.

And here’s that obligatory haul photo - not bad huh?

This has been a great visit and I’ll be looking for more events up this side of the wall.

Many thanks for reading.