Friday, 3 February 2012

Boy Wonder Reviews - Scarlet Spider 1.

This is another of the semi regular reviews by my 14 year old son.  Just to get an insight into the mind of the new comic reader.

This week it's Scarlet Spider number 1.


Scarlet Spider 1.

Publisher - Marvel Comics.
Writer - Christopher Yost.
Artist - Ryan Stegman.
Inks - Michael Babinski.

This first issue of The Scarlet Spider is a really good introduction to the series.  Though I would recommend reading the history of the character at the back of the issue bfore starting as I found it a little confusing.

The new villain is a great idea and really well designed and should be a very good future enemy for the Scarlet Spider.

This comic and the way it is written also gives the reader a very good insight in to the character and how he is dealing with the battle between Parker's desire to do good all of the time and Kane's murderous past.  In a way it reminds me of the Deadpool character.

I really like the way that he has a bit of a wandering nature and this apspect should be interesting as the series progresses.  The fact that he is always sweating may be something that some readers have missed and may signal that there are a lot of problems in his future.  (I also found it cool how he shaves with the blades on his fingers.)

The art is very good and although a little cartoony is really detailed and characteristic of this Spider-man style.  I really enjoyed it.  I liked the scene where it looks like some Spider eyes are watching him.

In conclusion this is a very interesting new book and I will be continuing to read it.

Art - 9 out of 10.
Story - 9 out of 10.
Overall - 9 out of 10.


There you have it.  He really liked this comic (and so did his Dad actually).

See you soon.


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