Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A short rant.

Sadly. And this is not something new. It's always been about. Its just something that has got more and more push.

People argue about it more than they comment on the issues that matter.

Everything is about a shallow perception. Never about the true meaning and the depth of the story or issues.

It's been playing on my mind a lot recently.

The Image Expo just pulled the trigger.

Like everyone who loves this sort of thing I watched the tweets and instagrams of the announcements with my normal excited enthusiasm. I am a life long comics fan and there has never been a better time for comics. Never.

The talent on show was breathtaking and the ideas were really flying.

But when I saw the group photo my heart fell.

Not because it was all white with little sexual and racial diversity.

But because I knew that the normal bores would jump on this as the main story.

I dare you to find a pastime or hobby that is more aware of diversity. Anyone here been to a UK football match for example?

There wasn't a face on that group photo who wouldn't be behind diversity in comics. (And have a proven track record of such.)

I am ashamed that this is the story of the Expo. (On many a website - not on them all thankfully).

Just in case anyone is curious. I will buy, enjoy and promote your comic if it is good. Full. stop. 

I don't actually care if you are a man, woman, black, white, gay, straight, Catholic or Muslim.

But I would be interested in you are a Martian (but only if you can draw feet! :)


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