Monday, 7 July 2014

2000AD and The British Library.

The last few weeks have really turned in to a string of great comic related events for me.

Last night The British Library hosted a night celebrating 2000AD. Billed as the celebration of a Comics Revolution it was a real speed drenched nostalgia trip.

The mighty Pat Mills is both one of the best comics writers ever but also the best storyteller you are likely to hear. Along with his one time collaborator Dave Gibbons (more please a voice echoed in the audience) and relatively new Fraser Irving (who had some great perspectives).

The three talked us through the formation and history of this still ground breaking title.

I am proud to count Pat in my friends and Dave is a regular at my local comic shop. For an old geek like me it was a magical evening. We swung through stories of John Wagner , Kev O'Neill, Mike McMahon, Belardinelli and many more. We discussed form and tone and the punk sensibility of a title that really broke free from the traditions of the time.

The audience (although worrying rarely a head untouched by grey) asked intelligent questions for the last half an hour before a lengthy line formed for signings and sketches. I managed to snatch a chat with Pat amongst the scrum 

The time flew by. I'd still be sitting thee now if I could.

The British Library needs to be applauded for throwing this ongoing comics party. I look forward to more.

Have a look at their upcoming events and visit their exhibition 'Comics Unmasked' before it all gets catalogued away again. Well worth it.

Oh. And go buy 2000AD. It's great at the moment!


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