Friday, 22 August 2014

Through the letterbox - 'Seasons' by Mike Medaglia.

For around the last year I have been reviewing comics for It's been fun and I have discovered some genuinely great books.

One such book was 'Seasons' by hyper talented Mike Medaglia. A book that was put out through Avery Hill publishing ( ). I have reviewed a slew of Avery Hill's books and they continue to be head and shoulders above the competition with interesting books.

I absolutely loved Seasons. It captured moments of real poignancy and beauty. It does so with great lines, outstanding colour and a real poetry of language. Mike's work relishes the stillness of the sequential, captured moments of thought and feeling. Just incredible stuff. I was an instant fan.

Here is the link to what I thought.

I have been following Mike's work since and have been enjoying his webcomic 'The Last Days of Nobodies.' over at his Tumblr page.

So it was a thrill to finally meet the guy at the recent Comica Fair at The British Library. He was great company and thoroughly impressed some pals of mine. I was overjoyed to hear that he appreciated the review and even happier when these beauties arrived through my letterbox. (I have included a shot of the finished product as well as the line art.)

These are the sort of moments that realise what a great hobby comics are. Real, genuine, hold it in your hands art. A thing of real beauty.

I am blown away by these pages. Superb!

You can find Mike over at his website

Thanks for reading.


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