Sunday, 7 September 2014

Marvel UK loves a windy day.


I am having a bit of a nostalgia trip this weekend. I am considering an article on the big Marvel UK explosion of the early to mid 1990s before they were sold to Panini.

It was a time of some really great designs (Death's Head 2 for example) and some little remembered titles (Plasmer anyone?).

Anyway that article is coming soon but what did tickle me was this comparison of titles.

I bought both at the time and it didn't register until today.

Captain Britain issue 4 (1976).
Written by that grumpy so and so Chris Claremont with art by the hugely underrated Herb Trimpe.

It must have been a windy day at the Marvel UK offices.

Because here is the cover to Gene Dogs issue 3 (1993).
Written by John Freeman with cover art by Stephen Baskerville and Dave Taylor.

Let's face it. If you are gonna homage Herb Trimpe is the man!


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