Monday, 8 April 2019

Cheeky Preview - ‘Shaman Kane issue 4’ from Dave ‘The Machine’ Broughton.

Shaman Kane issue 4.

Created by Dave Broughton.
Copyproofing by Dan Buhlmann.

Full Colour - 24 pages - American Comics size.

The Story so far....

‘Tasked with investigating a series of supernatural murders on his home planet of ‘Gefion’ Kane returns to find that the ghosts of his past have returned to haunt him.

Can Kane overcome... or will history repeat itself?’

The Preview - I’m a lucky reviewer. I always consider myself fortunate when I get to see an early copy of anything. This week was no exception as I got sent a preview copy of Dave Broughton’s sci-fi horror/adventure series Shaman Kane issue 4. The book will be getting a proper launch at the Lawless event on Saturday the 17th of May (here’s the website for this great day convention )

If you haven’t read this series from Dave you are in for a treat. It’s very much in the scary/science fiction mould that you get in comics like 2000 AD and Dave is the hardest working man in the UK small press scene. He consistently puts out books that rattle along at a great pace and are full of twists and turns. I read this without taking my eyes off the screen for even a second. I also mentally made a note at the time of reading about Dave’s use of colour. The widescreen alien vistas are looking really accomplished, Dave steps his game up with each outing, and they give an altogether mysterious vibe (‘Exhibit ‘A’ below Your Honour!’)

The story in issue 4 of Kane is entitled ‘Home World’ and I refuse to spoil what happens but you can look forward to some excellently nasty alien designs and a couple of sequences that reminded me of the sort of flashbacks you get in a Stephen King novel. There is the eerily ever-present air of a Hammer Horror style mystery on this strange world and we as the reader are swept along with Kane and his compatriots. None of the characters ever seem safe and you are kept guessing all the way through.

So head along to Lawless and find Dave at his table. He also always has a great deal on sketches and commissions. If you cant get down to Bristol you can order a physical copy from or email him direct at

Follow him on Twitter @DbroughtonDavid or look at some of his art on Instagram @davebus1966

Many thanks for reading.

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