Friday, 19 April 2019

Having a Clear Out.

Boring isn’t it, being at home on a Friday afternoon?

I’ve been having a clear out this Easter Friday and been looking at some old tapes and singles that have been in the garage for far too long. Here are a couple of the tapes that I used to listen to non-stop in my mid teens.

They were released and distributed in 1985 in the United Kingdom by E.M.I. Records. They seemed to manage DC Comics as well as Marvel which I suppose is a little unheard of these days. They were released under the collection called ‘Super Heroes’. The Superman release is written by Cary Bates. Originally presented in issue 375 of Superman in September 1982. The art is from the originally Gil Kane cover. The issue however had interior art from Curt Swan on pencils and Dan Adkins on inks. The colourist was Anthony Tollin and the lettered was John Costanza. The story title was originally ‘The Stoning of Lana Lang’ which was probably a little too lively for younger audio listeners of the time. (Now they’d probably be off doing internet heroin and paying for it with Bitcoins?)

I found a handy link to the Superman tape audio ‘Superman in Death from a Distant Galaxy’ at

It’s part narrated and part voice actor stuff. It’s also pretty cheesy but enjoyable enough. There is the odd slightly surprising moments that mostly relate to Lana Lang and her Vartox Booty-Call. It’s got some great moments amongst the over enthusiastic voice acting. It doesn’t use the expected Superman The Movie theme but has some electronic nonsense added throughout. Hugh Shewring is credited with Sound Engineer on both cassette tapes. The geographical pin in the map named Carrington Wood gets ‘Directed by’ credits on both releases.

And then - “By Rao I should have known! It’s you Vartox!’

Here’s the cover to the Spider-Man cover that I need to take some time tracking down information on....

Many thanks for reading.

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