Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Boy Wonder Reviews - Deadpool 47.

Another one of my 14 year old son's reviews.  This one is all about Deadpool 47.


Writer - Daniel Way.
Artist - Salva Espin.

Publisher - Marvel Comics.

Deadpool is one of my favourite characters.  Yet again he has had to excuse his actions.  This time he has to say 'It was my evil twin.'  But for once Deadpool is telling the truth.  The storyline in the last few issues has been really good and I think that this is my favourite overall comic at the moment.  I like the funny moments in it and they are really good in this issue.

The art is as good as ever.  It never misses a chance to show missing limbs or other gore.  The one moment in it that I don't understand is that Captain America has defeated loads of people in the past but in this comic he gets knocked out by his own shield.  It seemed a bit unlikely but didn't ruin the issue or anything.

The character Evil Deadpool seems like a completely original character.  I never saw him coming and he is a great nemesis for Deadpool.  Evil Deadpool is easily what Deadpool would be if he stopped doing all the hero stuff.  It is a great idea that he is made up of old body parts from the original Deadpool.  I hope that the writers don't write him off and keep him as a character in the comic series.

I highly recommend reading this series.

Art - 8/10.
Story - 9/10.
Overall Comic - 8/10.

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