Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I think I am done with Kickstarter.

All the projects I have helped fund have been late or undelivered.

Every single project has been something I have regretted helping later on.

Some of these projects I have even helped promote with interviews and reviews!

In one case it was actually much more expensive to back the book than just buy it from a shop. This particular book has now been bought off the shelf by all my mates and I still don't have it (months later).

Yet my mailbox remains empty.

I think this is a common problem. I recently vented this on Twitter and got a lot of replies from comics and movie fans alike.

Isn't it about time that Kickstarter themselves started a money back option if the title is well past it's supply date? That might give some of these lazy and/or greedy people a kick is the backside?

Since I am trying to be polite I won't name the creators but I am sure they know who they are.

It's a shame because in principle it's a great idea and there have been some great projects but I think people just go 'let's do a Kickstarter' without fully considering the problems that may ensue.

I would love to hear what you think. Let me know on here or @Ezohyez on Twitter.

All the best.


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