Thursday, 5 June 2014

Watford Comic-Con???

The above is the Facebook page for the Watford Filmfair Comic-Con. 

I am not far from Watford and thought 'great a local Comic Con'.

But hang on. No actual comics mentioned in their Facebook description.

So I messaged them on Facebook asking what Comics people they had attending. All their page showed was some Star Wars/Doctor Who/Torchwood (etc) actors and some TV/Comedy actors.  


Since I didn't hear anything and they day was fast approaching I thought I would Tweet them

Still didn't get a reply so I tried again on the 4th of June.

Still no reply (although I noticed that they had been active on Twitter between messages).

So I joined the Facebook page and sent another message today (writing on their actual wall).

I thought. 'Why are they calling it a 'Comic Con' when they only have one comics guest (who seems to have joined the party quite late)?'

I'm sure Jon Scrivens is a nice guy but there are plenty of big comics names in the area who I am sure would have attended - had they been asked.

But I thought 'be nice'. Send them a reasoned answer with a smiley faced hope for the future. (see above).

Being a bit suspicious of the site I also thought I would take a crafty snip of their reply. I'm glad that I did because I went back five minutes later to see that they had deleted it.

Slightly rude I thought?

If you have a look at my Twitter feed, Facebook page or blog you will see that I am behind comics 150% all day and every day.

But describing an event as a 'Comic Con' when you have one Small Press guy and (from what I can see on their Twitter / Facebook pages) not a lot of comics is bordering on false advertising at the very least.

'Star Wars' is not comics. 'Carry On' movies are not comics. 'Farscape' is not comics. 'Torchwood' and 'Doctor Who' are not comics. Cozplay is not comics. The list goes on and on.

'George and Mildred' seriously?

There are loads of Small Press, Indie and professional comics outfits who would love the exposure at something like this. There are also loads of comics fans in the area who might go along having seen the title alone.

All I will say is 'Buyer Beware'.

Hopefully one day they will have some comics at their 'Comic Con' (as promised).


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