Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New 'Cockney Kung Fu' Script with added Milkshake.

Had a full lunch hour today. So put this script together. Just one page for a laugh.

Ley me know what you think?

Soho Red - One Page Story.

'ATV News Reporting'.

Panel 1.

Title - 'ATV News Reporting'.

Panel (looks like a fight card) -  'The Blackstock Arms', Finsbury Park - 'On The Cobbles' -  Bare Knuckles Competition.

Setting. North London. 1972.

An old school 1970s TV news reporter is standing outside the entrance door to the pub. Cigarette smoking away in his hand. Big 1970s collars on his shitty suit. Grubby looking witha touch of the sordid and unsavoury about him. He is holding an old school mic on a wire and talking directly to the reader as if he is talking in to the camera.

The Blackstock Arms is an old school London boozer that is on the corner of Seven Sisters Road and Blackstock Road - near to Finsbury Park tube station. It has seen better days and you can see the shadows of punters in the windows of the pub.

TV Reporter -"Good evening fight fans. Have we got an evening of bare knuckle bouts for you tonight! All the big names in cobbles fighting are here.'

Panel 2. 

Same view but the TV news reporter is looking off to his left. He is looking a bit excited at who he has just seen.

TV Reporter - 'In fact here is one coming now, looking good enough to gobble up...'

Panel 3.

Same view but we now have Red standing next to the reporter. He is looking well sleazy and virtually has his tongue hanging out. He is standing very close to Red, uncomfortably close.

Red is trying to smile but you can see that she has no time for this sleazebag.

TV Reporter - 'Yes, it's lady contender from out East, Soho Red. Welcome to the show.'

Red - 'Thanks Brian. Don't stand so close to me.'

Panel 4.

The TV Reporter is now even closer and seems to be staring down Red's top. His tongue is now hanging out and his eyes are bulging out like a cartoon character.

Red is looking more and more frustrated with this dick head.

TV Reporter - 'How does it feel being a lady in the ring with such bruisers. Won't the little man at home be wondering where you are.'

Panel 5.

Red kicks the TV Reporter full in the balls. So hard it lifts him off his feet.

Red looks angry as fuck.

Red - 'Here's one for your little man you bellend!'

TV Reporter - 'Blimey.'

Panel 6.

Red is now striding in to the pub doors. She looks the epitome of cool.

Red - 'George. Get me a milkshake will ya?'

TV Reporter (out of view on the floor and at a whimper) - 'ooooooh my gonads...'

The End.

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