Monday, 23 September 2019

The SPARK! - Only a few days left......

I’m proud to say that I’m involved in this fun all ages new release from Fair Spark Books. It’s the start of an anthology series that’s full of space adventures, highly paced chases, laser gun battles, strange time travelling vikings and dragons, a school trip to a dangerous planet and much, much more! And it’s all introduced by that old friend of ours.... Springworth the robotic butler. I’m the editor of the book and the writer of ‘Monster Spotters Club’ with Vince Hunt on art!

As I type we have just six days left on the funding section of the project and have just announced our first stretch goal!

That’s right Monster Spotting Club members. If we hit the £1400 level you’ll all get this great patch to sow onto your jackets, hats, swimming trunks, school bags and more!!!

We are more than excited for you to see this great project. Just a few pounds will get a copy to you in either a digital or physical format (or both!) We also have tiers that offer super cheap lettering and editing services for your own comics creations.

So come on folks! Support a fun new series and by doing so you can throw a few coins at the Little Heroes Charity who supports kids in long-term hospital care by supplying them with comic making kits.

Do something good with your Tuesday!

Find Fair Spark Comics here Or follow their antics on Twitter @fairsparkbooks

Many thanks for reading.

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