Tuesday, 15 May 2012

100 Bullets, gin and cinnamon!

Warning - May contain nuts (kind of).

I have of late been re reading the great 100 Bullets from Vertigo Comic by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.  A superb book that is always taking you by surprise.  I am up to volume number 4 : A Forgone Tomorrow and it's as excellently twisted as I remember.

Comics are to me the sort of medium that is improved by the circumstances that you read each book.  We all as comics fans choose carefully what we are going to read on holiday, or on the train to work, etc etc.

I have made the decision to only read 100 Bullets when I have been drinking.

Does that surprise you?  It shouldn't. Some of my favourite art has been created whilst under the influence of something or other.  So why shouldn't they be consumed in a similar fashion.  My twisted mental faculties seem in this particular case to gell well with the extreme situations detailed in the pages of this trade paperback.  A train journey through urban central London whilst reading about drug dealers in central park and bandaged murderers fits like a jigsaw piece once combined with extreme alcohol consumption.

I don't recommend it to everyone.  Just kind of flows well for me.

What I one hundred percent would not recommend is the Cinnamon Challenge.  Please watch the below link before reading on.


Now I only did a tea spoon full.  And I am not quite as animated as the lady in the video.  But yes it did come out of my nose.  In fact it still feels like it is coming out of my nose this morning.

But hey it gave everyone a bit of a laugh.

The combination of however of 100 Bullets, cinnamon and gin seems to have made me think I am hilarious (I am).  And I decided to send a flurry of texts.  Some of them are below.

The challenge will continue!  Although I may not try the dare part again anytime soon.


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