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Buy Pile - 26/05/2012.

This was actually a pretty quiet week this week (comics buying wise so thought I would post this week's buy pile with some thoughts.  The sun is out so I have not had a chance to read them all yet.


Astonishing X-Men 50.   This has of late been one of the lesser X-Men titles but recently is really coming in to it's own.  The gay marriage subject matter could not have come at a better time (please take note all you haters out there). This issue suffers a little in the art and is at moments over written but the proposal is handled really well and this comic is finally back on it's feet.  The free postcard was a nice touch too.
(PS. The Captain Marvel advert looks too bright and too 1990s.  What is the score with that Barnet?  If this turns out to be a good book this advert will not help).

Secret Avengers 27.  As always a superb book.  I miss Gabriel Hardman on art but Renato Guedes is killing it on this book.  No spoilers but it twists and turns like a mofo.  You should be getting this book!

Captain America 12.  This comic hits a years worth of issues and the book seems in a fast decline.  Loved the Alan Davis and Steve McNiven art early on but it's all got a bit patchy.  This was one of my 'first read' books but now needs a kick in it's arse.  The return of Scourge is the only thing I am enjoying in it at the moment.

Captain America and Hawkeye 631.  Hawkeye is written badly - surely we are over the whole 'chip on his shoulder' aspect of his character by now.  He has been written this way a few times recently (see previous Secret Avengers issues.  Is there some kind on new Marvel policy on this?)  He has been an Avenger for decades.  Not sure about the art on this one either.  The team-up aspect will keep me on board (but only just).

Fantastic Four 606.  I think I am actually enjoying these one off strips more than the long run Hickman just finished.  It was OK.

Marvel Zombies: Destroy. 2 of 5.  Not got to it.  The last issue was fun.

Hulk Smash Avengers.  4 of 5.  This was OK I suppose.  Mr Fixit was an unsurprising addition. These Avengers movie tie ins have not been great but I suppose none of us expected them to be. Cool postcard again.

The Mighty Thor 14.  I genuinely was going to drop this book with the last issue but the cover by Walt Simonson sucked me back in.  Might get round to reading it but Fraction's work on this book just smells of movie pitch.

Hulk 62.  Who would have thought that the Red hulk book is the best of the Hulk books but it is by a figgin' mile.  Plus Legion of monsters.  Awesome.

DC Comics.

A quiet week for my DC purchases and only bought All Star Western 9. I have loved the Jonah Hex books over the years and this was my favourite of the New 52 but this book seems a little rushed.  The art is also not up the it's usual high standards. (Have not got round to the back up strip yet).

Boom Studios.

Elric: The Balance Lost.  Not exactly a jumping on point and it's taken a while to get to issue 10 (The zero issue was on the 2011 FCBD list) but this is fucked up awesome.  Moorcock becomes a visual reality but in a very different way from what P. Craig Russell did.  It has a more darkly twisted quality that is full of cross/reality/time/genre awesomeness.  This will read great in trade as well as single issues.


Lord of the Jungle: Annual 1 (an annual so soon?) and Warlord of Mars: Deja Thoris 12. (superb looking art).  Not got round to these yet.

Dark Horse Comics.

Resident Alien 1 of 3.  Brilliant.  The book of the week.  Why does Steve Parkhouse not do more!


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