Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Awesome Comics issue 3......soon.

Hopefully you wont have missed the announcement that Ed Traquino is the cover artist for issue 3 of the Awesome Comics anthology due in October. We are fucking over the moon to have Ed on board and it is a flippin’ perfect encapsulation of our multi faceted heroine Soho Red. Just look at what he’s got going on in the above cover image!
Ed is a beast! He and I have been pals for getting on twenty years. He used to live near me in South London and we worked on a few comics together and tabled at Bristol for quite a few years running. Then he lucked out, met an amazing woman and moved to New York. I see him about once a year and we chat a lot. He’s a talented bastard.

His career has taken off. He’s a much in demand storyboard artist but still finds time to make some amazing comics. He has the ability to change his style but when drawing under the pseudonym of ‘Feliq’ he has a European clean line style that makes for such a rich reading experience.

Where have I seen that name before? (I might hear you ask). Well, Ed has also been story boarding on some pretty bloody great movies. Did you see Black Panther? Yup, that and Avengers: Infinity War!
And he’s doing a cover for us!
I implore you to do yourself a favour and buy a copy of ‘Cee and Bee run around, smash things up and get into trouble’ (which may also be the greatest title ever printed on a comic cover!) It’s got a little of the modern day Tintin about it’s vibe and tone. A fun adventure/detective story. Ed has also got some other projects on the bubble that you won’t want to miss!
You can find out more about Ed and his work by going here http://www.edtraquino.com

Many thanks for reading.

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