Saturday, 5 January 2019

In Preview - ‘Resurrection Men’ issue 2.

Resurrection Men issue 2.

Written and Lettered by N. S. Paul.

Art by R. Donald.

Edited by Dan Hill.

Full Colour - 41 pages.

The Story Description Bit.

Do you have a family member, lover or friend who is dead? Want them brought back? There may be some complications.

Previously in Resurrection Men.......

‘When his son Jude died, James was astonished to find out that he had the power to bring him back to life. Now James and Jude find themselves manipulated into joining a clandestine group - immersed in the secretive world of the Resurrection Men...’

The Review Bit (without spoilers).

Issue 2 of this fabulous series is now being sent out to backers and I was lucky enough to get my copy just a couple of days ago.

No Hyperbole Corner.

‘An indie companion to anything by Mignola.’ 

Sinister in it’s angular almost gothic style of alchemic adventure horror. A lot of thought and pacing has clearly gone into creating an extraordinary space for a reality to coexist with the supernatural. This is a book about family, relationships, reality, mystery and action.

Unlike anything else on the scene this is turning into a must-back series. A project that takes itself seriously and looks beyond the usual horror on the shelves. It is a great example of imagination leading a well-written and plotted story.

Don’t worry can bring him back.’

Rory Donald has a fascinating style that is both cartoony and iconic but emotes superbly in every imaginative panel layout. He makes great use of long shadows that are made up of some sharp and desperate emotions in the inky blackness. Rory is really one of those guys who someone like Dark Horse or Image Comics should be looking at. Professional level work with a brilliant conception of line-work and acting. I would love to see a Lobster Johnson book by this guy.

This is not a book for the weak of spirit. The violence is often sudden and brutal. The horrors are on occasion fully in the light to echo that empty feeling in your gut as you follow these desperate individuals. This is a truly adult horror book and I relished this approach.

I have no idea where it is going.

The first part of the issue is full of comics goodness that is closely followed by text stories, process, art, pin-ups and more. It has ‘Value For Money’ stamped all over it!

That Bit At The End Where I encourage You To Buy This...

I read issue one again before heading back in for issue two. I sat in a Costa Coffee at a motorway services and didn’t move until I had finished. It is a gripping story that genuinely deserves your attention.

Go find it fuckers!

The Credits Bit.

You can find more about the writer by following him on Twitter @nspauluk 

Mr Donald can be found on Twitter @imnotdaredevil4 and at his website

The Editor of this tale can be found Twittering @dan_hill or you can subscribe to his email mailer at

Many thanks for reading!

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