Sunday, 4 August 2019

In Review - ‘Hello To Jason Isaacs’ by Stuart Mulrain.

Hello To Jason Isaacs’
A Mini-Comic by Stuart Mulrain.

8 pages - black and white - A5.

The Story - Who is Jason Isaacs? Will he mind some random stranger saying ‘Hello’ to him? What will Stuart do? 

The Review - This is a short DIY comic that is all about a fan’s obsession with a possibly attainable meeting with a movie star, albeit it a rather short fantasy interaction. 

The cover adds to the mystery by giving it an Alfred Hitchcock/Saul Bass vibe similar to the poster for the movie Vertigo. I’d also like to comment that Stuart is wearing a rather nifty pair of Lionel Blairs in silhouette.

What you get inside is short, quirky, funny, warm and raw. The art comes from a 24 hour comics project that Stuart tried his hand at recently but doesn’t really feel like something rushed. You can see Stuart’s art improving with each outing and this one is solid readable stuff. I’ve been a pal of the creator for a few years now and was pleasantly surprised at this change of direction he has adopted in this project. 

More please!

The story and art adopts a gloriously weird inner monologue style that emphasises the psyche of an obsessive. We see single-minded plans knocking heads with nervous fanboy self doubt. Mixed up situations, feelings and narrative drive you through some excellently written and natural feeling inner thought processes.

It is also very funny.

For a comic about ‘Stalking’ there is no overt psycho-sexual element but rather the need to just say ‘Hello’ to someone you’ve seen in films. I do however suspect something deeper at play and cant wait to see where this project goes or more similar strangeness from the creator. I genuinely think Stuart is on to something here (and I’m rarely nice to him face to face!)

You can find a copy of the comic by heading to this handy link 

You can follow Stuart online on Twitter @TokenNerd or on Instagram @stuart_thinks_he_can_draw

Stuart is also one of the co-organisers of the True Believers Comic Convention coming at you on the 1st of February 2020. Find all the details here

Many thanks for reading.

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