Sunday, 3 June 2018

Cardiff Independent Comic Expo! Let me count the ways....

Well. That was a bloody good Comic Convention. My dogs are barking and my arse is meowing (I’m not sure what that means but it made Vince laugh!)

(Saucy design by Iz and Rich McAuliffe and a dragon by the mighty Gavin Mitchell!)

The Cardiff Independant Comic Expo was a big deal for a couple of personal reasons. Myself and my Awesome Comics Podcast buddies, Vince Hunt and Dan Butcher (including the mighty Nick Prolix) were launching the second issue of our anthology series. We are having a blast with this series and it was great to get some really nice feedback from punters who came back for another helping.

If you fancy a copy then head over to (£1 for a digital copy and only £3 for a physical copy!)

The second reason was that over the last couple of years we’ve become pals with Iz McAuliffe who continues to run one of the best and smoothest conventions I’ve been to. From getting to the hotel on the Friday afternoon right until the breaking down of the tables on the Saturday she makes you feel like a valued member of the community. This is a comic convention about the creation of art and comics. The focus is on the creative arts, the real comics, the beautiful details and not the short lived rush of the next/newest movie/toy/costume/fart.

Here’s a shot of Iz running the raffle like a boss!

I arrived the afternoon before and was staying in the Convention hotel. I met with Iz and helpers in the bar and she gave me a tour of the venue. It was an airy and high ceilinged ballroom with loads of space between tables and large windows down one side. In the tradition of all good UK comic conventions we then hit a number of bars and grubby pubs. I met up with the artistic good and great who were visiting and/or resided in the city. In the grand tradition of Slang Pictorial myself, Nick, Russell and Emily Olsen went to a Jazz Club and ate a late dinner! Then back to the bar and more drinks! I hit the sack the wrong side of 2am and was back up at 7am to meet with Mr Hunt to prep our table.

(Here is a photo of Mr Hunt holding a banana!)

I’m now sitting on the train back to London and wondering where the day went! I have spent the day chatting to customers and creators. Here are a few of the highlights.

(Laura Trinder and Christian Wildgoose - Saucy!)

I got to hang out with the super talented Improper Books people. Matt Gibbs, Sara Dunkerton and (pictured) Chris Wildgoose and Laura Trinder. These bastards are putting out some amazing comics. Chris has just come off his critically acclaimed Batgirl run and is now on a secret project with DC. So good!

Head over to or follow them on Twitter @Improperbooks

I got to catch up with Martin Simmonds who is currently killing it on Punks Not Dead with IDW/Black Crown. If you are not reading this cracking series you are really missing out! I got some signed copies for my son. This guy is about five minutes from being on everyone’s lips at the big comic companies. We also bagged him as a future guest on the podcast.

Head over to and follow him on Twitter @Martin_Simmonds and Black Crown at or @blackcrownhq

It was also great to finally meet John Tucker. I got to review his comic Bald a few months ago on here and Down The Tubes and he is as funny in real life as you would expect from his great comics. These are highly recommended. Cardiff was only John’s second convention and he seemed to be busy all day. 

Experience the beauty that is John’s banner at and follow him on Twitter @johntuckerart

I also got to catch up with Sophie and Scarlet from Gluepot Books. ‘Man’s Best Friend’ has been one of my favourite graphic novels for ages and they have some really exciting news in the pipeline. Watch out for them as future guests on the pod! They are a couple of creators who really love the medium and have their heads screwed on.

Find more about these great creators at and on Twitter @GluepotBooks

(Chris and Susie Gander getting their hands on the good stuff from Mr Prolix!)

Myself and my comics making compadre Nick Prolix got to spend time chatting and planning. As well as working on ‘Cockney Kung Fu’ as the artist Nick is also on board with his amazing hand lettering with ‘Coffee House Barbarians’ with myself writing and kick arse art from Susie Gander. watch this space. The script for issue 1 is complete and Susie is now into drawing the pages. really looking forward to seeing this finished.

Find Nick on Twitter @nickprolix and Susie @SusieGander - There may be a sex scene in a disabled toilet in this story that in no way resembles anything that happened this weekend!

(Vince interview the Mighty Milmo! - aka Sarah Millman).

Always at the top of my list is spending time with Vince and Dan. Sadly Dan couldn’t make Cardiff but myself and Vince had an outstanding time. We sold a load of comics, laughed our socks off and still had time to get some interviewing in the bag. listen out to the next show for some mishaps and comics talk! (Dan, you were sorely missed!)

(Chocolate dealers!)

Ps. If you see these gangsters (Dani and Ian) from Chocosaurus selling comics shaped treats buy some! They are pretty ruddy good! 
Find them at or @thechocosaurus

Big shout to all our pals who we met (Special mention to John Ottaway who looked after the table and kept me company at scary Cardiff Train Station - have you seen those seagulls!) I’m still feeling a little frazzled so won’t list everyone here. Just know that we love you all! (Even you Kev! :) And especially Stuart Mulrain and Andy Hanks who came in their red Ferrari! 

Cardiff remains one of the best days on the calendar and I loved every single minute of it!

Many thanks for reading!

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