Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Just a quick plug!

Just a quick mention of the weekly mailer that myself and Nick Prolix are producing. Every single week you are getting art and essays and opinions into your mailbox. We started this as a companion piece to our story in the Awesome Comics anthology ‘Cockney Kung Fu’ but it has now grown into something more. I’ve been known to write the odd short story for the mailer and we also post reviews, recommendations, scripts and work in progress art. Nick is full of awesome advice for the artists and letters amongst you.

We are quite proud that this has now been going for a full fifty weeks tomorrow without a break.

You can sign up at www.tinyletter.com/cockneykungfu

Tomorrow we interview each other and I mention an awesome comics character I would love to bring back.

The clue is in the photo below.

Really hope you enjoy this often not safe for work or the bus slice of sexy!

Many thanks for reading.

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