Sunday, 11 February 2018

What we might be missing ....

What does the future hold for us as consumers. I hear bleak stories on the slowing down of writing and reading, faces glued to the glow of the phone or tablet screen.

We grab and look and throw away at speeds almost too fast to observe. Art is, in may, many cases disposable but does it need to be chucked away so quickly.

Should Art last? Some things last for centuries rather than the seconds we take to scan and pass by.

So. I would invite you to look at this image.

How long did you last? How long before your mind wandered and you continued to read this?

Maybe you didn’t even read this and have fucked off to Instagram or Twitter or XHamster?

Should this really be what we are like.

Take pause. Breathe deeply. Go back and have another look. There’s no trick, no hidden images.

Just art.

So... that minimal glimpse you had a second ago. What if we extrapolate that to the whole of Comics. Scrolling or page turning so quickly that we are missing the depth and the point?

Remember when we were kids and we took ages to read a comic? Then we went back and read it again. Then we pulled the comic out of our wardrobe again a couple of weeks later and looked at it again. Maybe we copied some panels or write the writers and artists down in a book or showed it to our friends.

Fuck me! I loved those days!

Take longer. Linger a little more on the panels and pages. There’s no need to rush. Treasure the moment and the comic a little more. Do we live on the dopamine levels that spark upon a small complimentary tweet? I know some people who live for that moment of self congratulatory front fart!

Hang on.....

Nope... come back.... Twitter can wait. We don’t need to take a photo of us reading the aforementioned comic. We don’t need to show how clever we are. Just get what appreciation you need from a piece of art that took some good amount of weeks or months to produce.

It’s not a cheap item. What did you pay for it? At least a few quid. So make the most of what you own. Read the credits and the letters. Even have a look at the adverts. Read all the words. Look at all the art.

Enjoy a comic. And then. Only when the warmth of that enjoyment is beginning to fade should you even consider going online and boasting that your tiny primate brain can actually read.

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Many thanks for reading.

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