Monday, 14 May 2018

Get ready Cardiff!

Busy few weeks coming up!

Then on the 2nd of June is one of my favourite days of the year! CICE 2018 or as it’s also known the Cardiff Indie Comics Expo. Run by one of our favourite people the mighty Iz McAuliffe this is not to be missed! 

I’m going to be heading down the night before with enough time to get my head down, murder a few hookers and get ready for the day of the launch of the Awesome Comics anthology issue 2. Look at this ace cover by Andy Bloor!

Whilst the second issue is going to be launched as the convention opens you can also order a physical copy or a digital download at the very same moment from

The event is gonna roar. There’s no doubt! Guests include Christian Wildgoose, Laura Trinder, Jon Davis-Hunt, Godmachine, Rob Williams, the Etherington Brothers, Martin Simmonds and many more.

There’ll also be some cracking small press / indie talent manning their tables including our own Uber talented pal Nick Prolix!

Get tickets at and follow the antics at

They are also on Twitter @CardiffExpo

Many thanks for reading.

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