Sunday, 17 March 2019

In Review. ‘Skullfucker’ issue 1 by Warwick Fraser-Coombe.

‘Skullfucker’ issue 1.

Created by Warwick Fraser-Coombe.

Full Colour - 30 pages - Lysergic Content.

The Story - A man opens mail that has been sent to his flat for the previous occupant. He’s rather pleased to see that in the envelope are some pink pills with a skull face emblem. It would appear that they are part of an experimental batch that is being sent out to be tested. They are described as being a form of extreme aphrodisiac. He talks to his very naked and very sexy girlfriend about trying them out and she agrees and suggests they take the whole day off work.

‘Babe you just read my mind!’

What follows can only be described as one of the most horrific visuals I think I have ever seen in a comic. The two lovers are transformed into alien beasts or demons of some kind. Their skin has changed colour and the woman has developed teeth for nipples. As the man pulls out her entrails with his own horrific jaws she screams ‘Yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!!’

The story then skips ahead and we watch a meeting between a bent Detective who is on the aforementioned case and his equally corrupt journalist/photographer contact. The detective is trying to sell this story to help claw back his mounting gambling debts.

The story takes off and you begin to see that the conspiracy goes much further than these body morphing and modernistic sex pills. Big business, drugs and governments are all involved.

And this is only issue 1.......

The Review - Sometimes I read something that might stick with me. Something that I will think of when I can’t sleep maybe? ‘Skullfucker’ issue 1 won’t just make me think of it from time to time but it will absolutely, one thousand percent stop me bloody sleeping! There are a lot of so-called Horror Comics and movies out there that could learn a lot from this particular series.

I loved this comic! I loved the story and the at moments sexy/grotesque/super realistic in your face art. I also especially loved the fact that Warwick goes there. He tells a story that is complex and horrific and relevant to the UK right now but he does so with authenticity and complete artistic freedom. Never afraid to insult, repulse, excite this is a comic that is an antidote to the fluffy Care Bear world fiction now often occupies. This is a true conspiracy thriller in a world that David Cronenburg has nightmares over. Smart and complex.

‘I get to crawl into the filth of the world..... I see around the edges and the truth.’

The art reminds me of something like ‘Strangehaven’ by Gary Spencer Millidge. The creator on this seems to use his pals as models for the players in the story and, I would guess, direct them as artists models. This gives the story a super realistic art style that works great in this context. Add to this the flabbergastingly incredible New Flesh designs he applies that mount both the horror and the tension up to quite a disturbing level. Real next level stuff!

The last few pages are exceptional!

You can order a copy by contacting the creator on

This review can in no way be blamed for your nightmares!!

Many thanks for reading.

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