Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Kickstarter Call-Out! ‘Slang Pictorial4’ from Nick Prolix!

A little mention for something new on Kickstarter that is well worth your immediate attention.

Here’s a little background ramble.

I got another one of those conversations at a comic even this weekend about a certain comics creator. I get them regularly and I’m not just quoting it because I happen to be a pal of it’s subject or that I also happen to agree with it’s sentiment.

‘Why isn’t Nick Prolix a name in the industry?’

My answer follows later but here’s a bit of background on this gent.

I’ve known this guy for a few years now. Nick has only just finished his reign as the Art Genie on our series Cockney Kung Fu and the act of collaborating with an artist who knows exactly what he is doing on the page was a moment to moment joy as a writer. Nicky Boy Prolix has a deft control of the images at his command and one look at his sequentials makes you realise how much he is in command of his inky domain.

So why this now? Why am I bigging up this North London wide boy who is now transplanted to a home in the distant Fens?

Haven’t you seen? Pay more attention at the back. For.....

Slang Pictorial issue 4 is now on Kickstarter!

This is an ever expanding comicbook story of the people of north and central post war London. Their interlocking stories make for the best kitchen sink drama/crime escapade that you never saw on BBC on a Saturday afternoon as a kid. Part ‘Alfie’, part ‘The Servant’, part ‘League of Gentlemen’, part ‘Up the Junction’ this is a comic series that speaks of then and of now. It has depth and heart and hipness by the dodgy boot load. 

Mr P knows what he is doing.

His influences are a melange of New Wave French Cinema, cool back street jazz music, English weekly comics and European BD. Whilst his writing of characters contains a particular voice, one that is both of it’s time and also is well aware of that nostalgic hip vibe it exudes. Big hair, wiggling hips, razors in the seams of well cut suit jackets, double dealing London hoodlums, these victims and predators pace around his pages.

(If you’re lucky you might just get a copy of this Slang Pictorial Print from the one and only Roger Langridge!)

As I write the Kickstarter for Volume 4 launched on just twenty-four hours ago and it currently sits at 256% funded. People are catching on! This really is the current Hot Ticket in comics!

Head over to Kickstarter and pledge to this project. Here is the link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nickprolix/nick-prolixs-slang-pictorial-4

You can also follow this dude on Twitter @nickprolix or visit his website at www.nickprolix.com 

To answer that question I started with, what I am fond of replying with is as follows.... 

‘When people wise up he will be. Can’t be long!’

Many thanks for reading.

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