Sunday, 31 March 2019

‘Laydeez Do Comics’ - A Splendid Day!

Today was all about a trip to the Laydeez Do Comics event in trendy Farringdon, London. (Yes I did indeed consider calling this short Con Report ‘A Visit to the Laydeez!’) I ventured out with the publisher of Fair Spark Books, Aaron Rackley who is currently on the hunt for some fresh creators for his all ages line of comics. What better place!

Don’t be put off if you are of a persuasion other than a ‘laydee’ this is open to everyone! Whilst the Saturday was all about portfolio reviews the Sunday had more of a regular Comic Fair/Networking style feel to it. Although the walls were verging on the twee platitude the energy in the room was pretty darn buoyant. 

I’ll admit that some of the events in the trendy East End of London can be a little cringey and hipster pompous but this one was far from that kind of vibe. Friendly volunteers, a relaxed and spaced out venue and free entry. That’s how you run an event. I even bought a pack of badges.

It was also good to see some old chums and I had a good chat with Rachael Ball who, along with some other experienced comics professionals, had spent the previous day giving advice to prospective comic makers keen to learn the trade. She spoke very highly indeed of the newbies and sounded like they had quite a few people through the door for the one to one review sessions. 

The venue was sectioned into an area for small press and indie publishers to show off and sell their wares with tables from the mighty Good Comics, Self Made Hero, Myriad Publishing, Unbound and Liminal.

There was also rather hilariously a pink bed for those who needed to rest their ‘plates of meat’ after a long day selling, networking and chatting. Here’s a photo of one of the organisers of the day Nicola Streeten at rest (but also failing to prove that she was in fact also getting some work done- you’re fooling no one! ).

One side of the hall was set up as a screening room and adjacent to that was the long table of competition entries that you could sit and read at your leisure. 

It was a really relaxed and inspiring space full of welcoming faces and quite a few laughs. A group that creates both comics and community. Welcoming and friendly. I’ll happily attend and promote anything they attempt.

I even got offered some cake on the way out! (Beat that MCM!)

Don’t fear if you aren’t near London this great organisation is growing. they have branches all around the UK and are branching out further. You can head to their site at or follow them on Twitter for updates @Laydeezdocomics

Many thanks for reading.

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