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Alagg - Strip 256.

Alagg posts.

For some reason blogspot won't allow uploads this morning so will upload the new strip asap when they are back working.

Apologies for the delay.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Alagg - Strip 253.

The Boy Wonder Reviews - Punisher 7.

Bit of a change of pace in the Boy Wonder Reviews today.  I got him to read a book that is a personal favourite of mine rather than something from his pull list.

I chose Punisher issue 7.

Here is my 14 year old son's review.


Punisher 7.

Writer - Greg Rucka.
Pencils - Michael Lark.
Inks - Stefano Gaudiano.

Marvel Comics.

I'm not usually a reader of the Punisher comic but from the issue I have just read it is definately good.  This issue focuses on two detectives trailing the vigilante instead of the guy himself.  It's slow burning but the story is great and the caharacters have detailed backstory.  I like their interactions which I think are interesting because of their realism.

The art is incredibly detailed and the backgrounds and designs of the characters are really well done.  What I like most is that unlike comics which are often a bit cartoony this one is different and because of this I think it is really well done.  Everything is incredibly realistic.  I really liked the fight with Daredevil.

The ending of the comic is well thought through by the writer.  The panels focusing on the symbol of the blade and the questions raised by it.  How did he get the blade and what is the true history between Clemons and the Punisher?  I like that the writer keeps the knife right under the reader's nose without anyone realising it's true significane.

This is a great comic that I recommend to anyone as a great place to start reading Punsiher comics.

Story - 9 out of 10.
Art - 10 out of 10.
Overall - 10 out of 10.


There you have it.  I personally love this comic and read it first everytime I pick a stack up.

Pick it up.  The Boy Wonder has told you.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Chaos City Comics Sale.

The best comic shop in the UK - Chaos City Comics in St Albans ( is just about to start it's huge once a year sale today.

Pop down and get some bargains.

Tell 'em Alagg sent you.

Alagg - Strip 252.

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