Sunday, 15 January 2017

Top Ten Lists are Shit!

To keep in with the cool kids I thought I'd do my top ten shits.

1. Central Park 3am - both ends. Aug 1998.

2.  The toilets at the Old Den, New Cross. Jan 1989. (West Ham scored!)

3. The Blackstock Arms, Finsbury Park. June 2006. (No door).

4. Horse and Groom. Bury St Edmunds. Nov 1986 (fell asleep and they closed).

5. The Silver Buckle. Camberwell Green. May 1994. (No door & no light).

6. House party. Peckham. Xmas 1994. (Person asleep in bath).

7. Bush. A12. Winter 2000. (Had been eating beetroot and worried something was up...)

8. This morning. In and out no messing (well, a little bit of mess?)

9. Once. Just once. By accident. (Bit of a surprise tbh).

10. Right now. What else are smartphones for?