Saturday, 30 June 2012

Elbow to the balls.

That classic kung-fu move!

1950s Sci-Fi.

A great cover for a 1954 copy Kings of Space by (Biggles own) Captain W. E. Johns.

Also included are a couple of interior art pages.

Superb stuff.


Cheeky extra panel of the day.

A cheeky extra panel from that Cinebook (see last blog entry).

Just digging into it now and it's great.


Waiting for me.

Isn't it great when you get home and there is a comic waiting on the doorstep for you.

Today was a book from the ever great Cinebook

Insiders: Chechen Guerilla. Book 1: Operation Offshore.

I have read a bundle of books from this company and not been let down.

Check them out.


Mr Sinister.

Loving this new interpretation that Kieron Gillen is putting on Mr Sinister. He had always seemed to previously be a product of the 90s cartoon show and a bit second division.

This new twist (including the fact that he doesn't create female clones? Hmm wonder what that says?) is really interesting and hopefully has some real possibilities ahead.

The 'Sinister's London' setting has a real From Hell / Hidden Conspiracy aspect to it that's perfectly suited to Dustin Weaver's style.

Nicely done.


Panel of the Day.

From Untold Tales of Punisher Max.

Art by Roland Boschi and written by a favourite author of mine (who is sooooo well suited to this book) Jason Starr.

Some early morning toilet humour.


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cover of the Day.

Another Captain Britain cover of the day.

I think he got a new stick in this issue?


Panel of the Day.

From Alan Davis on Captain Britain.

STD's back then must have been a nightmare?!


Extra Panel of the Day.

Art by Chris Samnee and written by Mark Waid.

How could this book possibly get any better?!


I am waiting to be convinced by this actor playing Bane.

Why is he so short?

Panel of the Day.

Maybe he was scratching the couch?

Captain Britain Goodness - Part 2.

Some great Marvel covers from the first Captain Britain series.

Who remembers The Highwayman?


Monday, 25 June 2012

Captain Britain.

Some of my favourite covers (mostly by the very underrated Herb Trimpe) from the reasonably short lived Captain Britain Marvel UK weekly.

Cover of the Day.

From The Destroyer Marvel black and white magazine.

I have recently read a car load of the paperbacks that this series was based on and have no idea why we never hear about Remo and Chiun any more these days.

Answers on a postcard?


Panel of the day.

From Marvel Team-Up issue 40 featuring Spider-Man and the Sons of the Tiger (and presumably Daughters too).


On the commute home nothing cheers me up more than a little added Man-Thing!

An extra panel of the day.

Some Moon Knight action from Marvel Spotlight.

When he wasn't quite so mental.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Panel of the Day.

From the Mighty Marvel Micronauts.

Cover of the Day.

Rook issue 5.

Cover of the Day.

The Destroyer issue 7 from 1990. (A Marvel Magazine).

Cover by Earl Norem and interior art by Rik Levins and Chris Ivy (written by Will Murray).

It also has some great pinups by Lee Weeks.


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Panel of the Day.

By the awesome Alfredo Alcala. From an illustrated text piece in Savage Tales Magazine.

The Super-Heroes 1976.

For the princely sum of 8 pence I picked up issue 1 of The Super-Heroes.

It featured a great Kirby cover and black and white reprints in magazine size of The Silver Surfer and The X-Men.

It also featured a superb (and surprisingly well kept poster). The Marvel reprints in the UK would often have poster give aways.

On the back was the advert to join FOOM (which I did).


The Titans.

In 1975 Marvel over here in the UK (later to be formally called 'Marvel UK') carried out a format experiment with a couple of their titles.

The Titans was a weekly comic that featured The Inhumans, Captain America, Nick Fury, The Sub Mariner and Captain Marvel.

The page was turned on it's side and managed two original comics pages per black an white reprint page.

I don't think it ran for long but I remember thinking it was pretty cool at the time.

Below are some of the pages to illustrate what I mean, along with a great advert for a Marvel Art Exhibition at the very high brow London Institute of Contemporary Arts in The Mall.


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Blakes 7.

Some great Marvel UK Blakes 7 covers.

A superb TV series.


My first bad review.

'Let's not dwell on it. '

'Let's be positive.'

'Comics are great.'

'Let's not encourage rumours.'

'Journalism is all about balance.'

You will not read any of the above phrases in Bleeding Cool issue 0.

What you do get is something that looks like it was made by a media class at a sixth form college.

Full of snarky articles (many of which are obvious plugs for people and companies we know are 'friends' of Rich Johnson.)

The news articles are laughable and make The News of the World look like Joyce. (see photo below).

Please stop.

This crap is not helping comics.

This crap actually makes me bored!

Seriously? That photo on page 3 is one of the most embarrassing things I ever saw on paper.