Thursday, 31 October 2019

A few thoughts on PANNONICA by Nick Prolix

PANNONICA’ by Nick Prolix.

Not a review.

My own thoughts, from my own perspective on something that made me think.

Good art makes us ask questions..... (there follows a series of question marks).

I got my copy with it’s rough newsprint pages and uneven shaping in a sterile plastic sleeve. Even in this format Mr P plays with composition and preconception. I had followed the chorus of PANNONICA beat poetry on Twitter by my pal Nick and had been enjoying this free-form rebellion from afar. This book, here in my hands is the concentrated version. Squeezed into a zine and delivered ready to read whilst clicking my fingers (I jest - and am thoroughly ashamed of myself!)

This seems like a project that is at once really personal yet from a position of authority and instruction.  It is also cool and formless and reminds me of a cross between a seventies comics artist laying down his rules and the Billy Whiz soaked beginnings of the beatnik/psychedelia interchange.

The zine (if indeed that is what I should be describing it as) begins with a loose page of stream of consciousness writings. All gorgeously hand lettered in Nick’s trademark style and in a large brick of a block of ink and paper.  I stayed with this page for some time, read it and then returned to pick out moments.

Cheesey Twilight Joyride’.

‘My Heart is a Black Book’.

‘Like Dial-Up of Bowel Cancer.’

I began to wonder if there is a different page for each version? What would 24 of 24 be like?

Beyond Burroughs and Bukowski. We have jumped a train through the centre of comics - let a confession begin.

The interior pages beyond the introduction in my 7 of 24 version take various forms. These are often confined within borders and running along the base of a free-floating page like a footnote on a 13th Floor Elevators song. The pages use snapshots of comics iconography like the corners of wordballoons or the smear of dropped ink to formulate a visual verse. The zine hums with the feeling of reinvention and pokes you with moments of clarity. This zings along and whilst a quick read is one you’ll leaf back through immediately. 

Everything that we read should leave us changed in some small way. We are ever so slightly a different person whether we read Superman or T. S. Eliot. I have enjoyed this experiment from Mr P and look eagerly for what he does next.

Find Nick and buy his comics over at http://nickprolix.comand follow him, his antics and more PANNONICA on Twitter @nickprolix

This is another reality - it is comics.

Many thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

In Preview - ‘The Skullfucker’ issue 2 (of 6) from Warwick Fraser-Coombe.

The Skullfucker’ Issue 2 (of 6).

Created by Warwick Fraser-Coombe.

Full Colour - 28 pages - Not For Children.

The Story - The mystery deepens regarding the new sex drug called Paragon and nightmarish creatures that seem connected to these unexpected deaths and suicides. A trashy tabloid newspaper journalist pursues this and other mysteries with little care for his own safety. He may take a step too far. 

But maybe ..... ‘Everything will change by morning’?

The Review - I was lucky enough to have been sent an early review of issue two of The Skullfucker before it’s release at Thoughtbubble is a few days time. I really enjoyed issue 1 and this is a great continuation.

As soon as I hit the first few pages of the story that runs on through from the cliff-hanger at the end of the previous issue I know that I am back on the Fraser-Coombe rollercoaster ride. As I examine this many limbed demon/mutant/fever dream and how a man’s arm extends from where it’s groin should sit I feel that shiver. The hand is fully formed and twisted and tense and simply signifies the nasty/crazy/satirical/horror tone that follows.

‘.....after all, there’s more ways to skin a cunt.’

The creator of this tale never fails to go where it takes him no matter how dark. He allow himself and the reader to dwell in the stagnant and putrefying depths of human and society’s dark and dirty secrets. It is a detective story about the low-life’s of our country and is in so many ways and angles transgressively antiestablishment. Literally and figuratively flipping the bird at authority. The people are as bad as the madness of the beasts he crafts. Warwick uses visual, verbal and environmental prompts to push tone and story. It is a comic that sits in the here and now and plays with our fears by showing us a mirror to ourselves. 

The art is photorealistic but uses this well and crafts around the real world prompts. It doesn’t overuse reference and you can see flourishes of the imagination alongside the models that Warwick uses. This is much more ‘realism’ than ‘photo’. Visually it wheels around somewhere between a coloured version of Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge and how I imagine Clive Barker dreams. 

The art shines with detail from the notes pinned to the journalists walls, to the many handed creature to the beams in the old English countryside pub. These added moments build the real world setting and the culture and sourness of modern Britain. They add to both story and the eager-eyed interpretation of the reader.

If I had one criticism it’s with the pages that are really text heavy. A couple of sequences describe over and over the deaths at the hands of Paragon and this was a little heavy going. For me maybe a sequence of images or newspaper headlines would have worked?

This book is not for the over sensitive but it most definitely was for me. Roll on issue 3.

Highly recommended.

You can find Warwick over at https://warwickfrasercoombe.blogspot.comand PM him for details. He’ll be at Thoughtbubble in a week and a half so pop by his table.

Many thanks for reading.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Some Recent Aquisitions.

It’s been a busy Convention tabling month here and I’ve fallen behind a little on talking about some of the great books that I have bought and been given. So I thought I would do a few short round-ups of some of the sketchbooks I’ve got my hands on.

First up is something from Gustaffo Vargas.

I’ve only recently become a fan of this gentleman’s work after reviewing ‘L1MA’ during ‘Honest Review Month’ on here and dipping back into the Cyberpunk South American landscape he inhabits with the also excellent ‘Manu’. I genuinely think that Mr V will be a name on the front of a cracking Sci-Fi Image book in the next couple of years. He has a style that manages to bridge the line between Cyberpunk and Underground but has a mastery of form and physique. Full of imagination and twists that are fresh and surprising.  So when I saw this sketchbook on sale for just a measly £3.00 I jumped straight in. He sent it through just a couple of days later and included a great piece of original artwork for being the first order.

Buy yourself a copy over at and follow this dude on Twitter @GustaffoVargas

Next up is ‘102: A Tribute to Jack Kirby’. This is a collection of art inspired by The King and the brainchild of prodigious comics maker Adam Falp.

Here’s how he describes it;

A 28 page A5 Art Book compiling tributes to The King of Comics. All proceeds are donated to The Kirby Museum. Featuring art from Russell Mark Olson, Lukasz Kowalczuk, Paul Harrison Davies, James Corcoran, Sandy Jarrell and many more’.

This is a cracking project and another one that I got straight to ordering when I heard about it. I’d also like to mention Tom Curry who did a cracking piece full of Kirby characters and Sarah Harris who used a combination of collage and line-work to create something really special. There’s also a great Kamandi double-pager from Adam himself.

Head over to and order your copy. You can also follow Adam Falp and his comics on Twitter @adamfalp

Next up is another offering from the always brilliant Darryl Thorpe (aka ‘Forpe’). Full disclosure that I own one of the pages from this and have it framed in the Comic Room, anyone who knows me can guess which one. This guy is a creator who operates on a combination of positive energy, originality and some wacky designs that have me comparing his work to a book like Head Lopper by Andrew MacLean or Rumble by John Arcudi and James Harren. Darryl’s work has an edgy energy that flies off the page and it was great to get this sketchbook of one page designs and homages through my door.

Find a copy over at Or follow his ongoing webcomic for free at

You can find this creator and follow him on Twitter @MrForpe

The King must be on the minds of the UK Small Press Scene at the moment because I also saw this from Jason Garrattley. I headed over to his website and ordered a copy based on the subject matter and the series of music and comic inspired zines I had seen from Jason over the last year or so. Jason describes this American Comics sized collection as follows at his Etsy shop.

A collection of digital collages and illustrations produced for the Jack Kirby blog - Kirby-Vision.’

The £5.00 cover price also contains a donation to the Jack Kirby Museum. 

Jason does the quirky and the cool with idiosyncratic ease and this is another book that you can spend your time on looking at images that are produced in various styles and techniques. Highly recommended.

Find this art book over at and follow the creator on Twitter @JasonGarrattley

28 Page A5 Art Book compiling tributes to the King of Comics. All proceeds are donated to ThMe Kirby Museum. Featuring art from -

And finally here’s one that you need to put on your shopping list for Thoughtbubble. This is by my pod brother Vince Hunt and contains some cracking sketches and fully rendered pieces from this great artist. Vince is genuinely one of my favourite artists and especially when it comes to monsters and horror characters. I’ve had a peek inside this when he sent me the digital files and you will not be disappointed!

Head over to Table 93 in the Ask For Mercy Hall at the upcoming Thoughtbubble and grab your copy whilst stocks last. You can also find other examples of Vince’s work on Twitter @jesterdiablo and over on Instagram @jesterdiablo You can also pick up a copy of his ongoing series The Red Mask From Mars over at

Many thanks for reading!


Russell Mark Olsen 
Lukasz Kowalczuk 
Paul Harrison-Davies 
James Corcoran 
Sandy Jarrell

and many more!

Thursday, 24 October 2019

MCM London.

Morning all. Today is the first day of MCM London in the massive Excel Centre in the docklands area of East London. I’ll be at stall N626 just over the border from Comics Village. I’ll be manning the table through the weekend for Nobrow and Flying Eye and we’ll have a load of great books for you as well as a few poster, badge and postcard giveaways if you are quick enough.

So what should you be looking out for. Just a couple of recommendations.

First up and something that should be on everyone’s shopping list is the new volume of Hilda’s adventures. Hilda and the Mountain King by Luke Pearson starts off straight after the last volume (no spoilers) and those that are keeping up with this adventurous youngster’s life will know that something very strange and pretty serious happened to her at the end of the last volume. 

For those that are up to date with the Netflix cartoon series but haven’t read the books this storyline happens after the events of Season 1 and have some pretty darn worrying developments in the life of our hero. Grab a copy whilst stocks last!

Skip by Molly Mendoza is turning into a real sales sensation. This book is a multi-coloured visual feast and tells a story of two mismatched buddies, one human and one entirely not and very hirsute, who escape their fate by travelling/falling/chasing/scrabbling through visually unique dimensions. It is a book that has to be seen to be believed in it’s art and for all you badge collectors comes with a spiffy enamel badge with every purchase (whilst stocks last).

This book sells out at every convention we attend so get in early whilst stocks last.

In Waves by AJ Dungo will break you. I read this chunk of a book in one hypnotic sitting and it was a revelation in beauty and sensitivity. It tells the tale of a tragic relationship set within the surfing community of California. It also as counterpoint sets out for the reader the history of surfing as a pastime and sport. Mark my words, this book will be winning all the awards soon and is an astounding piece of comics by a newcomer. Highly recommended.

We have loads of books for all tastes so make sure that you pop by the stall. If you cant make it over to the East End of London today then visit the website at or follow along with the antics @NobrowPress on Twitter.

You can find me on Twitter @Ezohyez

I am here early.......

Many thanks for reading.


Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Convention Season Hots Up for Nobrow and Flying Eye!

(Hilda has a busy few months ahead of her!)

If you are a regular UK Comic Convention goer you can’t but help to have noticed that October has become quite the busy and competitive month. I’ll be attending and tabling under my role as Events and Sales Rep for Nobrow and thought I’d let you know where you can get our books.

First up is this weekend in Kendal the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (LICAF). I’ll just be attending this one as a punter but will have some of our new releases with me if there’s anything you wanted bringing along. I have to admit to not having been to LICAF before and will be having a mooch around to see if it’s worth Nobrow tabling there next year. I’ve just scanned the ‘Guests’ and ‘Exhibitors’ categories on the website and notice that there are a couple of people shown as attending who have cancelled so it might be best to check before travelling if there’s someone in particular you’re looking to meet?

Find their website here and follow then on Twitter @comicartfest

Next up is the excellent Nottingham Comic Convention. I have been to every one of these so far and always had a blast. Kev and Kel Brett are local heroes and run the event for charity. In fact this year’s anthology ‘Slings and Arrows’ not only sports a cover rom Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins but also sports stories from Myself and The Mighty Prolix, Vince Hunt and a pin-up by Dan ‘The Guns’ Butcher. It is currently funding on Kickstarter and you can find the link here

At the event this year Nobrow will be tabling with the new Hilda title and some special giveaway surprises for those popping over to the table. More news nearer to the event but make sure you follow Nobrow over at their website and follow them on Twitter @NobrowPress

Watch out for the new series from Fairspark Books and Little heroes dropping. The Spark is an all ages ongoing anthology that features exciting tales from some great creators. If you cant make it to the event you can head over to and order your copy!

Other great guests include The Awesome Comics Podcast (I’ll be hosting a panel with Vince and he’ll be manning the pod table so make sure you head over and give him a pinch), Staz Johnson (make sure you get a copy of his new sketchbook it’s ace!), Rachael Smith, Martin Simmons, The Etherington Brothers and many more! 

Head over to their site and grab some tickets

After the madness of the New York Comic Convention I’m buying some comfortable shoes and a flask for three days of busy comics craziness at the MCM London event from Friday the 25th to Sunday the 27th October at the Excel Centre in London’s East End. We’ll be on the main floor with every conceivable piece of Nobrow, Flying Eye and Hilda goodness you could possibly need. Pop over and see us for some new releases and cracking giveaways. (And a coffee for me would make me your best buddy!)

Head over to and get your tickets!

Less than two weeks after MCM is the Thoughtbubble yearly pilgrimage. This year the venue has changed to the town of Harrogate and Nobrow will be out in force. I’ll be posting the details of the Hilda Exhibition that will be in the town that week soon. It’s going to have original art and unseen Hilda bigness that you won’t want to miss!

We are huge fans of this comic convention and it really has quite a line-up this hear (other than us obviously). Brian Azzarello, Jillian Tamaki, Daniel Warren Johnson, Terry Dodson, Christian Wildgoose and YES!!!!! The Awesome Comics Podcast. Vince will be manning the table and he and I will be there repping the podcast day and night! 

Get your tickets for this event over at

We might even have a cheeky representative from Thoughtbubble on the show next Monday who will give you a full rundown of all the saucy happenings in Yorkshire this year. Keeps your eyes on the Awesome Comics Twitter account @theawesomepod for more details. You can find the pod on all your podcatchers or over at

I’ve applied for a Zine Fest in London to sell Springworth and The Whore Chronicles later in November but got turned down.... I’m still chasing some feedback as to why without success. This might even turn into a blog post at some point. More soon.

Many thanks for reading.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

NYCC 2019 - Day 3.

Today started off strangely. I was sat reading a Defenders comic and minding my own business when I realised I was being watched by a Mafia Hitman posing as a Balloon Salesman! I then headed into the Convention Centre wearing the obligatory noise cancelling headphones. I was stopped by a short woman with blue hair. I became aware of her talking at me. I removed my headphones and said;

Me - ‘Sorry, are you talking to me’.

Blue Haired Lady - ‘Yes.’

I made that face that invited her to repeat/continue what she was saying.

Blue Haired Lady - ‘Do we have to line-up or can we just walk in. I can see people walking about.’

(At this point we were standing in a very long queue.)

Me - ‘No, you have to line-up with everyone else.’

Blue Haired Lady - ‘Are you sure?’

(I put my noise cancelling headphones back on.....)

(Main Hall - Back Issue Area - twenty minutes after opening).

Once I got through the long wait online I went straight upstairs to the back issue area. It was surprisingly quiet for the first couple of hours and a good time to shop. 

Then after popping to the Hilda table for a quick chat I made my way over to the Small Press area.

My first stop was a chat with those creative maniacs from the ‘Man Vs. Rock’ title. I bagged an interview for the podcast with these two men and they told me about an all ages Furry Comic they have released (the mind boggles). The current troubled times are certainly ripe for the kind of satire that this company revels within, always keep an eye on these men! Head over to and browse their own particular form of psychedelia!

I then finally met up with Ben Slabak and his wife. I read and reviewed Exilium on the podcast about six months ago and it’s an exciting mix of Alienation and space adventure. Ben had travelled all the way to New York from Sydney. I also got an interview for a future episode of The Awesome Comics Podcast. You can find Ben’s work over at

I then took solace in the Original Art area and here are some of the pages that I marvelled over.

The Hilda table was extra busy all day long and we have been blown away with the enthusiasm and knowledge of the fans of the comics and the series. Whilst at the table I finally met with Clare from the Fandemonium Network. She’s a great fan of pop culture and comics. She also writes a mean review. Look out for her writing over at

I then headed out of the Javitt’s Centre and met up with Cliff Cumber. This was the historical first meeting between us as we are working on a comic that will be getting a release at the start of next year. Cliff is a great artist who I have dubbed ‘The Frank Quitely of the Small Press’. You can find more of his art over at He also has a mean taste in T Shirts! We grabbed some dinner with the Mighty Sarah Harris before I hit the showers.

A top more to go.

Friday, 4 October 2019

NYCC 2019 - Day 2.

Today was pretty great in the cocooned world of the New York Comic Convention and in my own private corner. I started off with the usual Olympic level ‘standing in a queue timed event’ surrounded by mouth breathing imbeciles. This experience actually bucked the Status Quo as I saw someone reading a comic on their phone. As I peeked a little more however I noticed that he was reading it on a pirate site! Baby steps?

I then headed to Terry Moore’s table and picked up a copy of his book ‘How to Draw’ for my pal Stuart Mulrain. Terry is the consummate professional and an example to all self-publishers everywhere. If you haven’t ever read ‘Strangers In Paradise’ I’d highly recommend picking up a copy.

I then headed over to Matt and Brennan Wagner’s table only to find that they weren’t there but their art dealer was sat with fat folders of art. This guy was Jim Warden and it turned out that he also represented John Byrne! So...... I only flaming went and bought a John Byrne page! Listen, I know it’s not a classic page or anything but it is Byrne! That’s all you need to know. You can find more pages that Jim has for sale at

While I was buying expensive art Brennan Wagner turned up and we chatted it up about the most recent Grendel series that he coloured for his father. I bought the above prints from him without a thought. Brennan is a funny guy and a real up and comer in the art stakes. I read ‘Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey’ issue 1 on the flight over here and it has some real Heavy Metal/Epic Magazine touches about it’s art and story. It’s a series I have no hesitation in recommending.

I also managed to get my hands on this Master of Kung Fu print by Jim Starlin. I’m hoping to catch up with him in the next couple of days to get it signed.

I then tracked down Michael Fiffe and got a signed copy off the first issue of the new ‘Copra’ series that is now released through Image Comics. It’s a great first issue and more of the excellent story and art I’m used to with this series. The paper seems to have been chosen carefully and is an uncoated heavy stock that really suits the subject matter.

In amongst the big crowds I also got to spend some time with Jason Wood, Vince Bon and David Price from the 11 O’Clock Comics podcast. One of the best and most popular pods out there they are also great champions of us at Nobrow.

I then headed upstairs to the main floor and put in some time at the Hilda stall before heading off and interviewing the MIGHTY Enrico Marini. Easily one of the best artists out there and someone that I’ve only really discovered in the last few years I’m glad to tell you that he is also an absolute gent. The interview was arranged by Irina from Europe Comics. If you’ve never met or chatted online to Irina you are really missing out. She is one of the most enthusiastic and informed people I know. Almost every week she recommends great European Comics to myself, Dan and Vince from The Awesome Comics podcast. Got to give her a big thanks for really making this particular fan’s day!

Is also got this great sketch from Enrico in a French Edition of The Eagles of Rome....more news on that particular book coming up on the podcast soon.

Whilst at the Europe Comics stall I also got chatting to Edanur Kuntman who had preview copies of ‘Tales Behind The Window’. Edanur is a Turkish creator who has recently has this book translated into English by Europe Comics. She also, very kindly, did me a sketch in Her great new book.

I then spent the rest of my Convention Day 2 working with Sam, Geoff and Jake at the Hilda table. The books are flying out at a rate it’s hard to keep up with. If you’re about pop by and say hi - we’re at Table 2063.

I have now resigned myself to only spend time in the Back Issues/Original Art section of the main floor and in Artists Alley for my spare time for the rest of the convention. I’ve never cared for video games, crap prints, toys, cosplayers etc and have recently become very bored hearing about movies and tv series. So for the next couple of days it’ll only be about comics.

As it should be!

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting Mr Clifford Q. Cumber for the first time. Tony Osmond is coming at you really soon and REALLY violently. Watch this space. Cliff is a real talent and it’s a pleasure to be working with him.

Many thanks for reading.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

NYCC 2019 - Day One.

Well, that was something of a mixed bag today. After the initial start where I realised that ‘I won’t bring a jacket, won’t need one and will make more room for comics’ attitude I’d had whilst packing thoroughly had me kicking myself as the rain shit itself down on Manhattan!

I got in the line nice and early and stood in a packed aircraft hanger for a couple of hours. It was noticeable that absolutely nobody but myself was actually reading a comic! Thank Grodd for noise cancelling headphones and an internal mantra that I used to brainwash myself that I wouldn’t miss any of the juicy limited edition prints in Artists Alley (AA)! As the gates opened at 10am I made my way into the adjacent hall that is now being used for the AA only to find that around a third of the tables lay empty and a number more where still being set up! For those that actually showed up on time I salute you. For those that didn’t I hope you had a lovely Thursday morning lay-in and a round of toast!

I headed over to the Hilda setup at Main Floor isle 2603 only to find that the NYCC organisers had actually incorrectly placed the ‘1900’ banner on the alleyway. If you are looking for us tomorrow that head to the far side of the ‘1900’ isle. The Wood Man’s hut and more was ready for readers and fans to visit.

I had a cracking time working with Geoff and Jake (from our New York office) and we shifted an awful lot of books, figurines and Wood Man pins. I’ll be back there tomorrow so pop by and say hi if you are at the Con.

After my shift with Hilda and her chums I headed to the Back Issues section of the main floor. This is just the first of many trips as I mentally guess at how much room I’ll have in my luggage.

I’d also popped to the Europe Comics stall and bought a book in preparation for meeting Enrico Marini tomorrow. I don’t really read much French but I already have the digital copies to compare this to and it sure does look pretty.

Adjacent to the Back Issue section is the Original Art area. I met up with my old mucka Ed Tarquinius and we wandered and marvelled at the pages on show. Here are just a few of what I drooled over.

(A Mike Ploog Man-Thing page!!!)

(Moebius - Anyone lend me $17,000?)

(Some more from Moebius!)

(Some Curt Swan and Bruno Premiani goodness!)

(Kirby ....... Doom!)

(Some John Byrne/Mike Mignola gold!)

(A slightly lacklustre Steve Ditko/Stan Lee/Artie Simek page).

(On an indie tip there was a folder full of Johnny Ryan ‘Prison Pit’ pages at $200 a piece.)

(Loads of pages by the master Jim Woodring that were just peeking into my wallet!)

I thought I’d also tease you with some key issues that were there for sale and wildly out of my price range.

I’m now off for a bite to eat and read some Thongor!

(In a thong!)

Many thanks for reading.