Sunday, 29 September 2019

Nick Prolix in a Phone Box!

Who out there doubts that Nick Prolix is a dude?

After the recent release of The Whore Chronicles (details here my old mucker sent me this great ‘Phone Box Advert’ for the first issue!

Just wanted to share it on here.

Find out more about one of the best creators in the indie scene by going to him on Twitter @nickprolix or on Instagram

Whipping is extra! 

In Preview - ‘Moon’ by Nicole Bates


Created by Nicole Bates.

40 pages - Full Colour.

Available from the 11th of October and getting a launch at the Lakes International Comics and Art Festival.

‘Moon’ shows how to overcome fears and worries that attack us in our own daily lives. This quiet assistance is told through a dream that is full of strange events but also stress and anxiety. This is a book that moved me, a grumpy fifty-one year old, more than a little.

‘Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow’.

There are a few comics creators out there that put out books that I rush to both read and review. Books that evoke something more than the average and try something that many might see as oddball or left-field or quirky or experimental. Artists and writers like Dimitrius Zach, Stuart McCune, Gareth Hopkins, Gareth Brookes, Gustaffo Vargas, John Tucker and Nick Prolix are some of the people who send me their work and I rush to read and then describe how their work is exciting/moving/intriguing/inspiring me. They often tell stories that are nothing alike from each other but all strike a chord. Nicole Bates has joined that list for this particular blogger.

‘Moon’ is the new release from Nicole and takes it’s place in both the stable of books coming from Charity Comics Label Fair Spark Books as well as her own personal growing library of graphic novellas.

Like it’s predecessors ‘Moon’ makes use of small intricate drawings and watercolours that are sat on a broader page. They evoke a quiet sadness in the brush, line and style. This highly expressive and warmly personal approach allow for something of a confessional vibe whilst simultaneously carrying the reader along on the back of a story.

It used to be colourful’.

The story follows the night, dawn and then day of a young girl wandering through a forest, hearing tall tales, encountering strange characters and creatures and learning a little bit about herself. It is a tale told almost wordlessly but with a broad scope of feeling. There is an ever pervading feeling of being lost and isolated that I felt a little moved by what it was whispering to me from the page. There are some great uses of black and white in the negative to portray the night time in a forest. This moves into a navy blue and then the brightness of both the waking day and the strength of realisation - all with minimal yet iconically configured images.

It strikes me that I would love to see Nicole break free of this smaller format and use her obvious skills on a wider canvas, fill the page with her brushwork with a change of pace abandon. She works in a way that is beholden to nobody and neither should she but I think a Treasury Edition size artbook is somewhere waiting for it to be picked up and painted?

As always this is highly recommended.

Find Fair Spark Books on Twitter @fairsparkbooks or at 

Find out more about Nicole by following her on Twitter @Nikki_Draws or find her website at

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Saturday, 28 September 2019

New York Comic Convention 2019.

On Wednesday I set out on a jet plane for the New York Comic Convention with old buddy Christian Wildgoose! Whilst there I’m going to be helping out at the Flying Eye/Hilda table on the main floor (Exhibitor 2063). We have a number of very exciting surprises at the table that you may see getting teased on the Nobrow Twitter on the lead-up to the event. ( @NobrowPress ).

I’ve got a few plans to meet up with creators, friends and collaborators whilst I am there and will be blogging as I go along. I’ll also be buying so many back issues I will have to throw clothes in the hotel trash to get my suitcase to close, drinking far too much, finding everything funny and hopefully recording some audio for the Awesome Comics Podcast.

Follow me on here and @Ezohyez on Twitter for updates.

If you are at the Con then please come find me and say hi. You can DM me on Twitter as I’ll be checking in throughout the event!

I’ll also have a few copies of The Whore Chronicles with me for anyone wanting one

See you there!

Monday, 23 September 2019

The SPARK! - Only a few days left......

I’m proud to say that I’m involved in this fun all ages new release from Fair Spark Books. It’s the start of an anthology series that’s full of space adventures, highly paced chases, laser gun battles, strange time travelling vikings and dragons, a school trip to a dangerous planet and much, much more! And it’s all introduced by that old friend of ours.... Springworth the robotic butler. I’m the editor of the book and the writer of ‘Monster Spotters Club’ with Vince Hunt on art!

As I type we have just six days left on the funding section of the project and have just announced our first stretch goal!

That’s right Monster Spotting Club members. If we hit the £1400 level you’ll all get this great patch to sow onto your jackets, hats, swimming trunks, school bags and more!!!

We are more than excited for you to see this great project. Just a few pounds will get a copy to you in either a digital or physical format (or both!) We also have tiers that offer super cheap lettering and editing services for your own comics creations.

So come on folks! Support a fun new series and by doing so you can throw a few coins at the Little Heroes Charity who supports kids in long-term hospital care by supplying them with comic making kits.

Do something good with your Tuesday!

Find Fair Spark Comics here Or follow their antics on Twitter @fairsparkbooks

Many thanks for reading.

Friday, 13 September 2019

New Release - ‘The Whore Chronicles’.

I hope that you’ll forgive me a small amount of self promotion for just a moment. 

35 pages - Colour and Black and White.

£1.50 digital / £3.50 physical.

I’m very proud to say that we have released the first issue of ‘The Whore Chronicles’ this week. A collection of comics, prose and pin-ups written by myself with some cracking art from Vince Hunt (Look at that cover! My pod brother was also designer/editor on this book), Rachael Ball, Sarah Harris, Tom Curry, Rik Jackson, Charles H. Raymond and Stuart Mulrain. Everyone delivered with enthusiasm and on time. Thanks to them all for throwing themselves into this very niche project.

(‘Shelly’ with art by Rachael Ball).

‘The Whore Chronicles’? Sure it’s a shocking title. It’s there as something of a warning I suppose. If you object to the title then there is a good chance that you will react badly to the interiors. At no point have I held back in the writing and the retelling of the stories in this collection. They are all true in detail, spirit and context to the women telling us of their lives. I have obviously changed some aspects like names and appearance to protect the identities. I found myself, in the most part, in the company of these women through a previous occupation. I would sit there and listen to their stories and watch their lives spill out through chatter, appearance, behaviour and their interactions with others. 

(‘Peggy’ with art by Sarah Harris).

These women are not the cliches we see in the media, film, television and yes in our beloved comics. These women feel, sound and look real because they are real. I urge you to listen to their tales that are outrageous, gross, extreme, funny and more.

They are all different. They are not a stereotype or a cliche.

(‘Sasha’ with art by Charles H. Raymond).

If you get a chance head over to a UK charity who see the possibility of a life beyond the streets and drop them some money.

If you have any cash left then head over to 

Digital Copy - £1.50

Physical Copy - £3.50.

Many thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Release Event - Thursday 12th Sep - ‘Americana (And The Act Of Getting Over It).

Americana (And the Act of Getting Over it).

Created by Luke Healy.

This is one of my favourite books from recent years and it is created by the always funny and insightful Luke Healy.

Here’s a little of what it’s about.

The Pacific Crest Trail runs 2660 miles, from California’s border with Mexico to Washington’s border with Canada. To walk it is to undertake a gruelling test of body and spirit… challenge accepted.

This intimate and engaging autobiographical work recounts the author’s own attempt to walk the length of the USA’s west coast. Healy’s life-changing journey weaves in and out of reflections on his experiences in America and his development as an artist, navigating both the trail itself and the unique culture of the people who attempt to complete it.’

If you haven’t managed to get a copy and/or fancied listening to the creator talk about the gruelling, intriguing, funny and tragic story in his own words why not pop down to The Owl Bookshop in Kentish Town on Thursday 12th September from 6.30pm. And yes there will be drinks! I’ll be there and ther’ll be a Q & A with Luke that is bound to be very amusing!

You can find a copy of the book at And follow Nobrow on Twitter @NobrowPress

You can find out more about the creator at his website or follow him on Twitter @LukeWHealy

Many thanks for reading.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Hackney Comic and Zine Fair - Just One Week Away!

Sunday the 8th of September is the inaugural Hackney Comics and Zine Fest and it’s being held just around the corner from the Nobrow offices. Organised by a group of enthusiastic comics and zine makes lead by the mighty Joe Stone this is really shaping up to be an event with loads of buzz about it.

It’s also free entry!

I’ll be there manning the table and we’ll have the usual glorious books along with some ‘Hilda’ and ‘Kingdom’ freebie postcards to give away with each purchase! You can find us at the well impressive sounding Table 1! Just next to our pal Elizabeth Querstret who also has a new book launching at the event.

Other than the fun books you can get from Elizabeth you.   Should also be on the look out for the new release from Gareth Hopkins that i reviewed just a few short days ago here

Also keep your eyes peeled elsewhere in the hall for books from Andy Poyiadgi, the Laydeez Do Comics collective, Good Comics, Owen D. Pomery and an exciting new project from my old mucka Gareth Brookes.

We’ll have all the new books including the fresh off the press ‘Americana’ from Luke Healy. A paperback travelogue in graphic novel format this tells the story of the author’s gruelling,funny and brutally truthful five month trek along the Pacific Crest Trail. A walk of some 2660 miles that wasn’t without incident. This is a real favourite of mine and makes for a great summer read.

Luke will also be at the Nobrow table between 1pm and 2pm signing books.

The Nobrow and Flying Eye catalogue will be fully represented on the table and we’re looking forward to spending an afternoon talking comics!

We’ll also have ‘Skip’ from Molly Mendoza and ‘In Waves’ from AJ Dungo. These two books came out this Summer and are both sensitively told stories with original and beautifully rendered art. Like ‘Kingdom’ by Jon McNaught last year these are books you will fall straightaway in love with.

We’ll have some Hilda in the house too. Comics, novels and maybe if you’re lucky some of the much sought after figures!

Come find us at Table 1 - right near the entrance.

If you are heading there and want to make sure we bring a book you are after then message me on here or on and we’ll accommodate you where we can.

If you cant make it then pop over to or follow us on Twitter @NobrowPress

You can find out more details of the event at or follow then on Twitter @HackneyComics

See you there!

Many thanks for reading.