Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doctor Who.

In honour of the 50th anniversary I thought that I would post this fun advert for DWM that I found in a 1989 issue of Marvel UK's Death's Head issue 5.

Ridiculous Comic Competition -Year 1.

The New Ridiculous Comic Competition - Year 1.

This year at. Thoughtbubble myself and some Comics Club pals decided to have a bit of fun.

The premise was to but the most ridiculous comic we could find and later over dinner the group as a whole would decide on a winner.

Here are the rules so you can play along at home.

1. Spending is limited to £1.

2. You have a limited time to buy the book (this year it was between 2pm and 5pm in any of the Thoughtbubble 2013 halls).

3. You can buy as many issues as you like but must only put forward a single comic (not a trade) as your candidate.

4. The winner receives all the comics in the competition as a prize.

5. Anything by Paul Cornell is not allowed - too easy.

This years players were myself, Alex Martin and Matthew Harrower.

Further judges were Dave Stokes, Jess and Dean Beattie and Marc Laming.

All comics were carefully examined by contestants and judges. Good and bad points were thoroughly discussed.

The entrants were as follows.

1. Damsels issue 10.

2. Images of Shadowhawk issue 1.

3. Action Force Monthly issue 9.

The winner was Action Force Monthly. The other two books were joint second. 

This sort of thing may well have helped?

A fine showing. Can it be bettered next year?


Sexy Art.

Had a great chat with Viz and indie creator Paul Rainey.

I also purchased a great page of art from him.

Sadly due to the sexy nature of the piece this is the only panel I can show you.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Another Kickstarter Rant.

Listen. Lots of people on Kickstarter's Comics Section are cool. There is a lot of real energy and creativity going on and some great products released already.

I'm not a big numbers backer on there but do visit the site a lot.

I think the main problem is that people treat it like a side project. For the customer it's not like that at all. We still pay money for a product. We also accept that we have to wait for it.


If you release a, let's say a book on comics for example.

You have not one but two release parties.

It's also now on sale in a number of book shops and being read already by people you know.

People are tweeting about it. 

Reviews are being posted.


For fuck's sake send it to the people who backed your project?

Don't ignore them on twitter.

And. Worst of all. After ignoring tweets from them post a photo of the beach you are laying on!

Try and be at least a little professional?

That beer you have in your hand may have been paid for by the backer after all!