Thursday, 11 July 2013

Teapot Therapy.

If you pop over to you can read a great interview I did with Andy Poyiadgi about his recent work 'Teapot Therapy'.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Return of the 90s. Part 1.

I was in a central London comic shop yesterday. Actually quite an arty one.

I was near the assistance desk and overheard the following discussion.

Just a bit of proof that the 90s are returning! If you don't agree just have a look inside a DC New 52 book or at the Valiant relaunch?

A. How many of this new ethnic Avengers title shall I order?

B. Who is writing it again? Oh it's Al Ewing. As much as I love Al it's not gonna be big is it.

A. So how many?

B. Order just enough to get the variant.

A. OK.

West End Fraud?

I came across the following in a West End (of London) gallery!

Firstly. The price is a crime in itself. But look who got credited with the art.

There is nothing there that Stan knows anything about this. Another case of the artist getting ripped off!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Neal Adams meets Bruce Lee.

At yesterday's London Film and Comic Convention at Earls Court in London I had the pleasure of buying this print from Neal Adams.
I picked out this great Bruce Lee print from. 1970s Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu magazine. It's a superb image. Loved it since I bought the issue.

Upon walking up to the table I noticed that Neal and Alan Davis were deep in conversation about inking pens. I stood there and listened like a 14 year old. Neal is an absolute gent and chatted to me about the cover. 

Made my day!



I picked up some great stuff at yesterday's London Film and Comic Con.

Included are these awesome Spider-Man Strikes Back lobby cards.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tired Batman.

From today's London Film and Comic Convention.

Batman was a bit tired.