Thursday, 23 February 2017

It's a Race!

This is the new controversy.

This is the last time you will see this cover in this form. It has been decided, by the writer Paul Cornell and the editorial team (although don't quote me on that) to take out the line 'She was a he! I found out the hard way!'

It is just an example of the race to be the first person outraged at something in comics. The race to be the most righteous person on the internet. This is getting out of fucking hand.

It is a joke.

It is a joke.

It is a joke.

'But jokes can hurt' - said the person with zero sense of humour. I asked a trans friend and they happen to think it's fucking hilarious.

Look out of your fucking window for a minute. Expend the energy you currently aim at this sort of thing on something much, much more deserving.

I would link to the 'Apology' by Paul Cornell but it smells of a stupid kid at school saying 'It's my fault but it's not really my fault, I am a victim too!' It also made me feel physically sick reading it. Someone needs to get a pair of balls.

I'm off Twitter and Facebook for a while.

I wonder why....