Monday, 27 August 2012

Comics Jottings - Dr Manhattan 1.

First of a series of comics jottings of a book I enjoyed.

Mostly jotted on my commute.

This week.

Dr Manhattan from DC Comics.

Written by JMS.
Art by Adam Hughes.

It seems to snatch moments of time.

I hear the voice of Dr Manhattan through the prose of the comic.

The clockwork symbolism as always is ever present.

The art echoes Dave Gibbons but has a painterly feel on occasions.

I found the book both tranquil and threatening in equal measure. It's moments of passive observation are dirtied by our pre knowledge of the chaos and catastrophe that will come.

He sits back and watches. Yet also moves through his actions. Played out ahead of him.

Somehow this makes a good read.

Somehow I find his voice has a chilling yet comforting familiarity?

Strange indeed.

Good or bad. To be honest I am not sure.

But it sure made me turn the page.

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