Sunday, 26 May 2013

Statistics - Yup.

During the weekly comics club we trailed off to a local charity shop (Oxfam Books and Music in St Albans). It's actually a pretty groovy place and I always find something of interest.

This week along with a 1980 Blake's 7 UK Annual I found a copy of Fantasy Advertiser (FA) issue 101 from April 1988.

It has some great inteviews and related adverts and stuff that brings it all back.

But what was of real interest was the March 1988 sales chharts from Comics Showcase in London. Now sadly long gone it was a great shop and right at the centre of the creative boom that was going on at the time (those that read this blog know of my love for UKCAC at the time).

So I thought you might find it interesting to see the sales figures from back then. they actually make interesting reading, for example there is a hardback at number 2! It also shows that the mainly reprint Classic X-Men is higher than New Mutants. No Avengers but we get Solo Avengers?  No Batman? No Spider-Man?

Sadly they don't give issue numbers (sorry about that folks).

1. Viz.
2. The Watchmen hardback collection.
3. Marshall Law.
4. X-Men.
5. Blackhawk 
( Edtor's note - think that should have an 's' on the end).
6. Shadow - Graphic Novel.
7. X-Factor.
8. Hellblaiser.
9. Slver Surfer.
10. Blood.
11. Justice League International.
12. Classic X-Men. 
13. New Mutants.
14. Swamp Thing.
15. Love and Rockets.
16. Shadow.
17. Solo Avengers.
18. Green Arrow.
19. Lone Wolf and Cub.
20. Superman.

And just for fun here are a couple of adverts from back in those heady days of glory.


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