Sunday, 2 June 2013

Panels of the day.

I have of late been reading through my long box of books that I haven't got round to. There have been some surprising high points.

One if these was Incorruptible from Boom Studios.

This is from the penultimate issue (29).

Written by Mark Waid.

Art by Damian Couceiro.

Colours by Nolan Woodard.

The series was written as a companion piece to Irredeemable and is superbly thought out fun. While Irredeemable is a hero turned bad this is the story of Max Damage who is a villain turned good (kind of).

It has a little bit of The Boys about it (without the sex). It's pretty super violent and as always with Waid is an intelligent take on the super hero deconstructed genre.

Grab some back issues or a trade if you see one.


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