Monday, 7 April 2014

MCM Comic Con 2014.

Below is a conversation I had on Twitter with the MCM Ireland Comic Con people just this morning.

(Please note they are still calling themselves 'Comic Con'.)

It was prompted by this post relating to a day of talks and panels they have scheduled for their upcoming show (the Sunday is shown here).

I thought I would ask what they are doing for comics fans.

The following happened.

I don't know about you but to me this seems like false advertising?

MCM (is that a company or a brand or what?) seem quite prepared to have panels with TV, anime or cozplayers but the actual 'Comics' in their title seems a little ignored. The 'Comic Village' is not a big draw from what I can see at these events. 

I personally have in the past attended a couple of these events thinking that they were comics events only to be pretty disappointed. (Perhaps I sould have asked for my money back? My loss I suppose).

Red Dwarf or Nikita are all well and good (good perhaps being an overstatement) but they are not comics. Neither is anime, voice acting, special effects wizards, wookies, lightsaber manufacturers, card dealers, Hentai, DVD sales, autographs, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and neither is cozplay.

If you are going (I was actually considering it again) and are going becuase you are a comics fan I suggest you research this (and similar events) first to avoid an expensive day of disappointment.


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