Monday, 26 May 2014

Comic Shop Talk.

I just popped into a European comics shop (I can't say in which country since they only have one shop here and it would give it away).

Me - 'Hi.'

Counter staff - 'Hello...... can I help you?'

Me - 'Just browsing, but thanks.'

Me - 'Do you have (Names Specific Comic) issue 2?'

Counter Staff - 'No.'

Me - 'OK thanks.'

Counter Staff - (a little too shouty) 'ANNUAL?'

Me - 'No it's issue 2 from (names comic company)?'

Counter staff - 'No'. (Also does classic wave of hand and 'pffft' noise).

At this point I decided that I would exit. Being classily English I know know that I have to buy something before making an exit.

I grabbed a Classic Moon Knight hardback collection. (No price shown).

Me - 'Excuse me. How much is this?'

Counter staff - 'Show me.' (She then snatches the book. All the while I am thinking that if it's damaged I don't want it).

She looks it up and down and I realise that comics isn't her expertise.

Counter staff - 'Is cheap. My son would know'.

Me - 'Oh. OK. thanks (why am I thanking her?) I'll continue looking.'

To be fair the shop was pretty well stocked. It was a bit of a jumble sale so I had a dig around. Only the action figures were priced.

Counter staff - (shouted down the length of the shop) 'You like comic conventions?'

Me - 'Yes I do.'

Counter staff - 'we have one here. Many stars from Hollywood!'

Me - 'oh. I think I've seen a flyer for that in a shop in London!'

Counter Staff - 'No.'

(Right. That caught me off guard. I was just beginning to think this was turning a corner).

Me - 'Oh I thought you had one at the end of the year, November?'

Counter Staff - 'Yes.'

(Er. WTF?)

Me - 'Oh OK.'

Counter Staff - 'They edged my son out. This is a better one. Many Hollywood stars and famous cars.'

(At this point she pointed at a Thor Pez dispenser on the counter???)

Me - (feigning interest and wanting to leave) 'Sounds interesting'.

Counter Staff - 'It is.'

(I then was handed a flyer that had been cut out with scissors and didn't really have any details on it).

Me - 'I shall have a look at this, thank-you.'

(I then paid for the book and the lady disappeared to get change for at least five minutes. Meanwhile I actually wondered if this was a comics version of Hostel?)

Counter Staff - 'you're coming?'

(Seemed a bit pushy - I gotta leave).

Me - 'I'll definitely think about it.' (a lie).

Counter Staff - 'Don't go to that other one.'

Me - 'Er. OK.'

Counter Staff - 'Promise?'

Me - (feeling bullied) 'I won't.'

Counter Staff - (again a little too loud and with another wave of the hand) 'This one better. That one run by liars.'

I then left and as I walked out this lady followed me and told how the noise of road works in the road is bad for business.

Not really the only thing?

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