Sunday, 29 June 2014

Matt Harrower.

One of the stalwarts of our local Comic Club is the excellent artist and creator Matt Harower.

He surprised me today with this awesomely good Ant Man commission.

Here's a photo of the artist himself with the page!

Look him up on Twitter @hp_matt or at his art blog

I can't wait to see his comic The Big Couch out soon! 

You can also meet him and a load of other creators at Chaos City Comics in St Albans on the 12th of July from 2pm onwards. Other guests include Dave 'Watchmen' Gibbons, Marc 'All New Invaders' Laming, Christian 'Briar' Wildgoose and Monty 'Death Sentence' Nero.

Pop down 'cos it's gonna be a blast!


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