Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Nottingham Comic Convention - 4/10/2014.


It's now one month and one day until the second annual Nottingham Comic Convention on Saturday the 4th of October 2014. Previously known as 'Nerdfest' I went (along with our Comic Club) to the first event and had a great time.

This year we are returning with a vengeance.

Guests include Marc 'Fantastic Four' Laming, Christian 'Porcelain' Wildgoose, Dan 'Vandroid' McDaid, John 'Dredd' McCrea, Gary 'Roller Grrrls' Erskine and many, many more.

There are bound to be loads of panels, bands playing, back issue stalls, small press, cozplay, sketching and much more on the day. 

A couple of pages from a preview of the upcoming Fantastic Four issue 10 with art by Marc Laming.

I am particularly excited because along with help from Alex 'Galactus' Martin I will be chairing one of the panels and asking some questions of Marc himself. Marc has recently burst into the mainstream of comics with some astonishing work on All New Invaders, Fantastic Four, Planet of the Apes, The Activity and an upcoming annual on The Incredible Hulk. I'm prepping some questions right at this moment.

So if have a question you'd like asking feel free to slip me a note on here or over on Twitter @Ezohyez. If it's good we can include it on the day. 

'What comic character would you like to be made of cheese, what cheese would it be and would you take a bite?'

'Do you like my hat?'

'Who has the best trousers?'

'Can we wrestle?"

You know the sort of thing.

It'll hopefully be a really fun panel so looking forward to seeing you.

It's being held at the Nottingham Conference Centre, Burton Street, Nottingham, NG1 4BU.

Get your tickets at www.nottinghamcomiccon.co.uk

It was a blast last year and should be the same again.

See you there.


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