Monday, 1 September 2014

Preview - 'Headspace' - Monkeybrain Comics.

Headspace - issue 04.

Written by Ryan K Lindsay.

Art by Eric Zawadzki and Sebastian Piriz.

Colours by Marissa Louise.

Published by Monkeybrain Comics. 

Issue 4 of Headspace hits Monkeybrain's digital shop tomorrow (as well as Comixology). It's the mid point in the story and is really already at full steam. It's hard to talk about it if you are someone who hasn't read the preceding three issues (oh you fool!). It's got action and intrigue and keeps you guessing on pretty much every page.

But that's the challenge of the jigsaw pieces that make up Headspace. Unlike most mainstream products I have absolutely no idea where this will end up.

But what really attracts me to this book are the interpersonal moments. They show real clarity of purpose in a fictional world that often is nowhere near what you would traditionally call reality. So when a nightmare appears and needs roping in it has that thumping impact.

The two strands of the narrative are approached differently both art and colour wise but also in writing tone. One is fantastical and dark, the other bleak and white. One talks of monsters and grief, the other cold hard pragmatism (although in a sci-fi thriller setting). 

The themes of fatherhood and responsibility really begin to take new twists and turns. This is going to make a fine trade when finished. It also has some really insightful and interesting back matter. Well worth the money.

But enough already of the spoilers.

You can grab copies through Comixology very cheaply. Catch up with this book if you haven't already it's a real gem.

Thanks for reading.


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