Monday, 15 December 2014

The role of the writer.....kinda.

The anonymity of the writer.

His trade is in his words. Not in his black leather jacket, his grand beard, his jaunty hat, his slow pronounced sermonic speech or the fact that he had 4 million Twitter followers.

Speak through the words.

The character comes through the words.

Unless all you are interested in is the money then it's never about you. It's always about the jigsaw of words and paragraphs and pages..

Communicate, distract, thrill, love, hate, steal, flatulate, felate only through those. Nothing else matters.

Fuck the hype. Fuck the Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, signing, panel appearing, podcast boring, tap dancing shite of it all!

Move on world.

Yes this is an unrealistic, idealised world. But it doesn't stop it being one we can strive to attain.

Those that pander will be bummed by a panda.

Here endith.

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