Sunday, 10 September 2017

In Preview - 'Stir Fry' by Sarah Crosby.

Stir Fry.

Created by Sarah Crosby.

Published by Good Comics.

Black and White cover and interiors - £4.00 - 36 pages.

I've been reading quite a few books from Good Comics recently. They are getting quite the name for being an up and coming indie UK publisher and are much touted by Rich at Comic Printing UK.

'Stir Fry' by Sarah Crosby is one of three new releases that they will have at the upcoming Thoughtbubble Comics Festival in a couple of weeks. These also include 'SID' by Olivia Sullivan and 'New York (a holiday to remember)' from the wacky world of Elizabeth Querstret.

This is slightly different from the other releases in that it is a collection of three stories that are split up into chapters throughout the comic's pages. All of these have a dark and irregular sense of humour and turn of phrase. The creator chooses some very weird situations to examine. One example is the search of a common house fly looking for something to eat.

'Never have I seen such exquisite beauty!.... His stench, such a pungent aroma! I feel a stirring beneath my wings. We will meet soon my love.'

The fly sees a middle aged and pot bellied man laying out on a lounger in his garden sweltering in the sun. The fly falls in love with this sweaty man!

Another story, and possibly my favourite, is about a train carriage full of passengers. A baby is screaming it's lungs out and annoying those nearby. The passengers summon the Devil (obviously) who appears in his pants apologising about rushing when he was called (beware his satanic bum crack by the way). Sarah takes the story beyond what you would expect and does so with hilariously dark results.

There is some genuine originality on show here. It is a delight to thumb through. It has the initial feel that you are reading a UK small press title but takes you on a ride worthy of comics like 'Creepy' and 'Eerie' or 'House of Mystery'.   

The art is well constructed and you are never at a loss figuring out who is who. It has a comedic style with slightly caricatured faces and situations but never to the point of shouting about it. Faces are comically intense and full of expression.

I had real fun with this one and I would put it at the top of Good Comics' output so far. 

A small problem would be that it seemed too short. As a collection I would loved to have seen more. 

But for content this is highly recommended. Give it a go.

You can find more out about Sarah at and on Twitter @DI_Kittypants

Head over to Good Comics and grab some of their titles at and find them on Twitter @Good_Comics

Many thanks for reading.

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