Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Road to the NYCC 2017.

New York Comic Con - Countdown 24 hrs.

Up early and head to Heathrow. The anticipation has me up an hour early. What to take to read on the plane? I downloaded the new episode of Star Trek Discovery for the flight as well (a huge improvement on the first two by the way). I packed a few monthlies I needed to catch up on and promised myself that I would catch up with some writing that I've been promising myself I'd finish for a while now.

Some Wordballoon in the car on the way there was also in order. Mike Zeck and John Beattie talking about their work together and some interesting insights into the creation of Spidey's black costume. The excitement is rising!!! (not like that!)

Whilst handing over my currently light and soon to be heavy suitcase I am met at the counter by Christian 'Batgirl' Wildgoose and Laura 'Night Post' Trinder. Two of the nicest people in UK Comics are on the same flight as me as we stroll through the still quietish security without any bother (even-though Chris was sure I'd get a 'bum search').

We grab some breakfast and make plans and are joined by Matt 'Sinthia' Harrower. Ever ready to point out that he thinks his hotel of choice this year is a 'Sex Hotel' - I'll expect some photos later...

Onto the plane. Managed to read and preview 'Ismyre' by B. Murer and published by Avery Hill. Caught the lady next to me reading along.

When I got off and through Customs at JFK Matt Harrower handed me a sick bag that he had drawn Batman dancing on!

He's normally more cheerful than this!!! I think he's just missing Danny Dyer?

We then waited for the Wildgeese to join us. Someone (me) created one of those signs that you see limo drivers holding at the airport!

Cloak and Dagger - oh yes!!!

Passes collected, new hall looked at and photos taken..... I'm off to the pub now to meet Marc Laming, Adrian Hashimi, Ed Traquino and Brian 'The Aussie' Vander!!!

Bring it on!

More to follow..........

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