Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Upcoming 2000AD Event.

Morning All,

On Saturday the 14th of April at The All saints Parish Chuch, Leamington Spa is the fourth annual Leamington Comic Convention.

This is a convention that makes comics it’s central focus. There’s a big line up off guests that includes Marvel and 2000AD’s own Al Ewing, Jason Gunn from ‘Surface Tension’, Sarah Grayley from ‘Rick and Morty’ as well as a host of other comics creators and indie and small press comics sellers.

I’m going to be there with my podcast brothers Vince and Dan and we’ll have issue 1 of the Awesome Comics anthology for sale along with some exclusive prints by Black Panther artist Ed Traquino. Later in the day we’ll be doing a live pod and welcome any questions you might have in advance. We’ll be joined by Jason Gun and be chatting about creating your own comic and the pitfalls you might face. I’ll be trying my best not to swear.  There might also be the odd prize up for grabs on the day.

I’m also pleased as punch to brag that at 11am I’ll be interviewing the mighty John Wagner of 2000AD, Judge Dredd, Batman, Rok of the Reds, Strontium Dog, Boba Fett, Star Wars comics fame. He’ll be releasing the trade of Rock at the event and signing copies. This is a fucking ace collection of a comic that successfully mixes sci-fi, alien invasion, humour and football all in one gorgeous romp that is brilliantly drawn by Dan Cornwall. I’ve already read it and shall be double dipping on the collection as soon as I arrive. I’ve got loads of questions to ask John about his days at the Prog as well as how he found working for DC and Marvel. And why he chose to go another route with his new mini series Rok. Anyone who has heard John interviewed before will know that he’s honest, straightforward, funny and really interesting. Should be ruddy great! 

Pod favourite Darrell Thorpe will be running a kids workshop and encouraging them to create their own comics characters.

Here’s the schedule so you don’t miss out!

many thanks for reading.

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