Friday, 29 March 2019

In Preview - ‘Leaf’ by Nicole Bates.


Created by Nicole Bates.

Published by Fair Spark Books.

Full Colour - A5 - 22 pages.

Available for preorder - Released 1/5/2019.

The Story - ‘Follow the adventure of a leaf and a fox! All the little fox wants is someone to play with, and the leaf is his new friend. However, the wind has other ideas, sweeping the leaf and our fox on a journey. Will he find a friend to play with?’

The Review - It’s the small things that often matter. The little moments that grab us and even out the rushing noise of life’s waves. For just that second a piece of art can make you forget the dramas and worries of the outside world.

‘Leaf’ tells a story of one of those moments and also in this reader’s particular case created another of those tranquil moments for me, sat here on the train home.

I could easily go on about the art, which is gorgeous, or the parallels between the world inside this train carriage and the nature on it’s outside. Or the wordless narrative as it wanders through a watercolour forest.

But I won’t.

As with all great art, all great stories and all great comics I’ll be quiet for a change and let you drink in this beautiful example of our favourite medium by a creator who is turning into quite the one to watch. You need to get the whole story. It’ll improve your day.

Genuinely, listen when I say this...... preorder.

Here’s the link

Many thanks for reading.

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