Saturday, 6 July 2019

Hilda is legging it to BAM!!!

This coming weekend, Saturday the 13th of July, at The Komedia, Westgate Street in Bath between 10am and 4pm is the second BAM!

This is a comics and zine event run by people with genuine love for the medium. You can have a read about all the guests and plans over at this site

I had an absolute blast of day last year and it looks like this one will only be bigger and better!

And Hilda, Flying Eye, Nobrow and myself will be there!

This is really shaping up to be another fun event with loads of other great comics creators tabling. We're pulling out all the stops and will be there again in full effect. 

I thought we could talk about some of the products I'll be bringing down to the show.

(Hilda figurines will be on sale for a limited time).

As well as the excellent range of Hilda graphic novels, young fiction novels and Hilda Dolls (yes I'll have a few available at the table to those in early enough) we'll also have a range of free stickers, limited edition postcards (with a few teasers from the next so-far unreleased story), posters and bookmarks! Everything a dedicated Hilda fan could want.

What else will we have on the table. All the Flying Eye and Nobrow goodness that you would expect and all at great (and discounted) prices.

Who can doubt the brilliance of 'Kingdom' from the mighty Jon McNaught. This book is so good it will make you weep and has hit every 'Best Of' list worth it's salt from last year. It's basically a quiet and insightful retelling of a family holiday on the British coast. Full of rain, seaside entertainments and the attempts of a single mother to keep her family together and happy. It has incredibly rendered layers of texture and emotion that plays out gently in front of you. It is without a doubt my personal favourite book of 2018 and you need to see it.

Have a look for more of Jon's work over at and follow him on Twitter @Jon_McN

Want another book that will blow your artistic socks across the room? 'Skip' from Molly Mendoza is a colourful swirl of emotion, imagination and adventure. Follow a human and his hirsute buddy as they travel through dimensions escaping danger and trying to find a way to safety.

I reviewed an early preview copy and this came out just this week. Have a read about what I thought about it here 

You can find Molly at her website here or on Instagram here

'In Waves' by AJ Dungo is everything you've heard it is and more. The heart-wrenching story of love lost combined amazingly with the world of the Californian surfing community. At moments alive with emotion and movement it moves over to meditation and thoughtfulness before actually educating. AJ Dungo is a genuine revelation with this, his first long-form graphic novel. The staff at Nobrow were floored by his poetry and artwork and so will you.

Come and explore the magical worlds created by Lorena Alvarez and you too can understand why she's been nominated in the recent Eisner Awards for Best Newcomer.

'Hicotea' is another one of our books that you just have to open, look at the incredible artistry on show and fall in love with straightaway.

We'll have copies of the new and recently released second volume at the table as well as a soft cover version of volume one.

You can find more work from this creator at her website here or follow her on Twitter @Artichokekid


I cant say too much but we might also have a cheeky early release of a September release! More News Soon!

I'll be bringing loads of other books down so if there's something that you'd like and arent sure I'll have it then please let me know on here, on Twitter @Ezohyez or by emailing me direct

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Many thanks for reading.

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