Friday, 22 May 2020

Podcasting During Lockdown.

Hi Chums. Apologies that I've been a little quiet on here of late. I've been flooded with work and been creating some new comics (more on that soon). 

I've finally bitten the bullet and started up a spin-off podcast that is running to keep people (including me) amused during this lockdown. Myself and a comics buddy have been talking about a comic, graphic novel, story or creator and doing a deep dive. 

I thought that I would share with you a few of the recent episodes.

Episode 13 - 'Alex Toth an Angry Genius' with Jonny Canon and Russell Mark Olson.

This was cracking fun and I got to sit down with Mr Canon and Mr Olson who helped me define why Alex Toth was such an incredible artist and why he should be more revered in the modern comics landscape.

Have a listen here Episode 13.

Episode 14 - 'Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow' with Pete Watson.

Myself and Pete really get into the nuts and bolts of the two comic story that would mark the end of an era for Superman. Does it still work? How much do we miss Curt Swan? Is this the ultimate Superman story? 

Have a listen here Episode 14

(Some John M Burns for your eyeballs).

Episode 15 - 'Masters of British Comic Art' by David Roach with Richard Sheaf. 

Using the excellent new release by David Roach on the history of some amazing artists and showing their magnificant art myself and The Don of British Comics Richard Sheaf each choose three comics artists we love and talk about their history and body of work. It's a love letter to some amazing work that needs more attention.

Have a listen here Episode 15.

Episode 16 - 'Brian Lewis and the Halls of Hammer' with Jason Wilson.

Myself and comics creator Jason Wilson mix it up in the comics and movie adaption world of Dez Skinn's Halls of Horror comics magazine that featured the art of Brian Lewis. A creator with the ability to both recreate the character of Hammer Horror movies and then turn his style to action adventure, saucy comedy and much more.

You can have a listen here Episode 16.

Episode 17 - 'Marshall Law' with Dan Butcher.

I meet up with Awesome Comics Pod brother Dan Butcher and we examine the themes and legacy of one of our favourite series. This is a book that breaks down the hero myth and examines those that put on the cape, those that worship them and he that hunts them.

Have a listen here Episode 17.

Episode 18 - 'Born Again' with Eamonn Clarke.

What a story! Told my two absolute masters of the craft. Myself and Eamonn from the Mega City Book Club Podcast really examine the moments, art and story-telling in this classic Daredevil run. A book ahead of the pack at the time and still in pure quality.

Have a listen to here Episode 18.

You can find all eighteen episodes with more being added weekly over at the Never Iron Anything  Podbean Page here.

Many thanks for listening.


  1. Hi Tony, I stumbled across your podcasts while looking for some comic related podcasts to listen to while out walking the dog. These have been enjoyable listens and have made me go back to my bookshelves to revisit the material you have been discussing. Stay safe & keep up the good work!
    Jeff MT

    1. Jeff! Thanks so much. I'm a fellow dog walker and really appreciate you taking the time to comment. More coming. Tony